What is Psychographics? The Algorithmic Marketing Approach

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Psychographics is understanding the personality behind the user. This includes finding more about audience behavior. Understanding the user’s psychographics is important because it’s about optimizing conversions. Conversion happens only after an in-depth understanding of users. To achieve this, we need to go deeper than just measuring usual engagement metrics like clicks, impressions, and views. Once you know what resonates (psychologically) with your audience, you can then produce content that ‘clicks’ with them and yields the desired responses. One way to capture this is through measuring AIO (or Activities, Interests, and opinions).

How to find Information about Psychographics

Information to build a psychographic file is mostly acquired from talking with your audience. This may include:

  • Conducting interviews or focus group discussions.
  • Another way to acquire psychographics is through secondary data sources such as research papers, reports, and archives.
  • You can conduct an online survey to acquire more information about your audience, but remember to ask questions about audiences’ psychographics.
  • Ask your sales, marketing, PR, and customer support teams about the audience, because they are in regular contact with them. Ask them things like; audiences’ preferences, buying behavior, and current trends, etc.
  • You can also analyze existing social media and website analytics to examine usage patterns such as:
    • Which pages they visit most
    • What type of links they click
    • What posts they like and share
    • What time of day or night they visit your website
    • What videos are most watched


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