Building A Strong Team

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When considering building a team for a start-up business the business owner must look for individuals that have traits of another business owner. 

What are the traits of a business owner?

Here are some of our personal favorites.

  • Accountability
  • Driven
  • Confident
  • Passionate
  • Resilient
  • Humble

Ok now, what does each of these mean? 

Accountability is the act of showing up for yourself and your team. Holding oneself to the higher standard. We believe that each individual on the team should be able to show up for him or herself over showing up for their leader. Accountability can be challenging if one has low standards of oneself.

How about being driven?

Drive is something that is deep within everyone. Why does everyone on the Algorithmic Global team show up for themselves in and out of the work environment? Because all the members of the AG team have drive. Something I want to touch on real quick is that drive can be challenging when failure keeps happening. The thing that we keep emphasizing to each member of the team is that we will fail but we will get back up together and start from square one.

Confidence is key.

When you give your best honest work than there is no reason to not be confident. It’s nice to know all members of the team give it their all every day in order to grow.

We need to work with passion.

Being passionate about work pairs with drive. When you truly love what you do then passion is visible. We hear feedback often about how passionate we are about the work that we produce.

Be resilient.

We all have to resilient to negative clients. We all have to be resilient to feedback. We all have to understand that each member only has the best out for all members of the team. When one trusts the collaborative then there is no question on the resilience.


We strive to get our egos out of the way and let us be humble and proud of all that we do.


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