Continuous Education- Is It Really Important?

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Short answer: yes.

Right now there is a big wave of people that do not believe in going to a university or college after graduating after high school. Is this an issue? NO, but those who don’t want to attend better be prepared to tune in clearly and work on another level.

Something that I (Lukas) appreciate about standardized education in the US is that they will put their students on academic probation if they are doing poorly. This is because they do not want to lower the standards at the institution…. Poor students give the school a representation. Universities like to have scholars that will motivate and push others to do their best work. When the collaborative is pushing one another the ecosystem at the university will thrive.

Let me be completely transparent.
We do not believe that getting a degree is completely necessary for working at Algorithmic Global. What we do believe is that each individual needs to be aware of his or her learning style and willing to put in the extra time to learn to his or her full potential.

What going to a university taught me personally:

Going to a university and technical college taught me how to learn and push my limits to the fullest. Starting with studying Audio Engineering at a technical college. On my first day, I was already aware of being placed in a room with people that were much more knowledgeable about music and recording. Embarrassing but true story; I remember once I raised my hand and asked the professor “what’s a kick drum.” I really went into a music school not knowing anything! I also remember getting a D on my first skills test to see how much I have learned through the first eight weeks. Quickly I knew that getting a degree in Audio Engineering was not going to be easy. At the time of graduation, I can proudly say that I was the first person in my graduating class that landed a live sound gig and on the last skills test I received a 98%. It’s funny, I can still remember the mistake that I made on that test. I forgot to pan channel 28 all the way to the left (one little button out of over one hundred).

Studying at a university was a completely different ball game over technical college. Getting a degree from a university was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my life. It had now been 4 years since I was in a college setting and was very stubborn. I knew that I was going to have to write about topics that I did not find interesting and learn subjects that I knew would be pointless. I learned how to study and dive into textbooks. I also learned more about time management than ever before. I learned how to be professional, to speak more articulately, to get out of my comfort zone. The biggest take away was my ability to sit for hours on end and work. Before attending a university I would often tell employers that I don’t want a job where I will have to sit all day. (Boy, was I wrong. I probably sit for over seven hours on any given day) While studying I was working full time at a coffee shop and starting this business. I didn’t have much free time because I was so focused on the main goal: graduating with a GPA above 3.5. Unfortunately, I graduated with a 3.4GPA.

Bringing this all together, continuous education will teach you a lot about yourself. Again, continuous education does not have to be in a standardized setting. Continuous education can be through experience and learning on your own. Currently, each member of the team has a goal to read a certain number of books by the end of the year to continue our education.


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