Delegating Teams Through The Pandemic

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Delegating the right tasks to the right individuals

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in business and lifestyle for people around the world. Whether we like it or not, it’s clear that communication has gone entirely digital. We have seen friends having happy hours on zoom and business meetings conducted over google hangouts. The digital world has created distance between the ones who have worked on their digital presence and those who have not. Many business owners are forced to step into the digital realm. They need to be mindful of delegating work so their business can continue to grow. The last thing that a business owner needs are to occupy themselves with tasks that are taking too much of their time. 

Delegating work starts with the owner or leader of any high performing team. There are three main reasons a leader would look to delegate work: 

  1. More time for in their sweet spot
  2. Better performance for clients 
  3. More time for recovery 

Finding the desired high achievers that you are willing to delegate your work to will be challenging. Business owners tend to want things done “their way.” If they aren’t careful, they can lose time being the salesperson, the office manager, and the bookkeeper. With all of the layoffs that have occurred, there are a lot of people looking for work; help is out there! When finding that perfect new hire, the business owner needs to be willing to trust passing on old responsibilities that are taking too much of their time. 

Delegating The New Team

Once the new team is in place, business owners will be free to do the tasks best suited to their skillset. Business owners are especially good at building relationships with their clients and leading team meetings. There’s also a chance a business owner will see the tasks they delegated out are better handled by someone else. Think about it; most business owners are not web developers… leave the web developing to the creative professionals! 

With the new time, the business owner has unlocked from delegating work. They will hopefully be able to build new relationships and find new business opportunities for them and their team. The best teams know that work is done better when performed as a collective. 


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