How Small Businesses Can Create Video Content Without A Professional

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Most businesses are well aware that the buying process has evolved. Companies are relying on search engines to observe consumers purchasing decisions. After collecting data, there is a clear trend of an uprise in demand for video content over traditional written content.  

Many consumers, in both B2B and B2C markets, prefer to educate themselves with video content instead of written content because consumers prefer video content from brands as a platform for learning, instant gratification, and assistance for decision making.

Consumers will leave one business for another if it means that they can educate themselves through a competitor’s experience that is more engaging, authentic, and trust-building. For these reasons, small businesses have to create videos to stay competitive. Whether this means creating their videos, or outsourcing to a professional, videos that engage prospects and showcase your brand are crucial to success.

However, outsourcing to a professional may be beyond a small business’s budget, which is the underlying reason that prevents companies from producing a large number of quality videos.

Why Is Vimeo Create Beneficial For Small Businesses

In a statement about the launch of Vimeo Create, CEO Anjali Sud, said: “Vimeo Create levels the playing field. It’s a radically simple tool that shortens the distance from idea to execution so that more businesses can have a successful video strategy.”

Similar to why small businesses should invest in a Google AdWords account, Vimeo Create, make it fair for the success of any business.

In short, with this app, companies can expect the following benefits:

  •  the ability to create authentic, good quality content
  •  build trust and relationships with its consumers
  •  affordable
  • customizable
  • includes commercially licensed songs
  • high-quality stock photos

Businesses no longer have an excuse for avoiding video content. If time, budget or skill were the primary obstacles, businesses now know that they no longer have to be a video expert in producing stellar, quality videos for their business.


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