How To Create An Effective Call To Action

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In our last post, we discuss The Importance Of Having An Effective CTA.

 Here are a few tips to include in your CTA strategy:

  1. Use Action Verbs. The purpose of a call to action is to convince a person to take action. When creating a CTA, the critical takeaway is to use action verbs that direct people, like “shop,” “join,” or “click.”
  2.  Apply A Zero-Pressure Approach. Let your audience know that the actions they are taking don’t necessarily mean they are entirely committed or locked in based on their decision. 
  3. Use PersuasionCopywriters regularly craft an excellent call to action by using compelling language. Use words that influence people to follow your direction. Keep your CTA copy short in efforts to make your audience want to learn more. Create a value proposition—create an incentive that benefits people, like saving money or lower rates.
  4. Create A Sense Of Urgency. “Shop this limited time offer before it’s too late!” Some of the best CTAs create a sense of urgency in their message. Using a ticking clock with a promotion creates a fear of missing out—and is an effective marketing tactic.
  5. Make it Stand Out. A perfect call to action is a combination of persuasive language and a great design. Create an area of white space around the CTA button and use brighter colors. Make it stand out to capture your audience’s eye.

Use these simple tips when creating your call to action strategy for higher click-through rates and more conversions. 


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