4 Reasons Why Greater Human Connection Needs To Be The Focus In a Digital Marketing Agency

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Human connection leaving it imprint on all touch points

As the world turns to artificial intelligence to streamline processes, human connection will be the differentiator between digital marketing agencies.

What Is Human Connection?

Human connection is the process of humans paying attention to one another. High-quality human connection motivates, builds trust, and inspires change.  

Since a digital marketing agency works with multiple people throughout every project, a focus on human connection will pay dividends in both the short and long term.

Tim Sanders said, “your network is your net worth.” We believe that this quote is exceptionally accurate for any business that is looking to expand. We believe that a digital marketing agency should emphasize the customer experience above anything else. 

In this TED Talk, Brene Brown discusses how vulnerability plays a big part in increasing human connection. 

Four Reasons Why Human Connection Should Be The Main Focus 

  1. Enhancing customer experience includes making meaningful connections with clients. To make a meaningful connection with a client, all team members must understand the client’s point of view and be empathic servants.
  2. It provides a sense of belonging to a different type of company. Being a niche-specific company gives the client a sense of belonging by working with the best vendor offering services specifically for their market. The easiest way to provide a client with a sense of belonging is to make sure they are heard.
  3. Sharing insights allows all parties to experience different perspectives. No single individual has the same story or the same experiences. Sharing ideas and stories with clients provides a sense of reliability and trust. 
  4. Enhances the brand by providing quality human connection. A client that can get a feel of the brand from every touchpoint will benefit from quality human connection. The client needs to know what they are getting when they choose to work with a company. The easiest way to articulate the brand to the client is by emphasizing core values and mission.
Two individual displaying strong human connection

What you put into your connections is what will come back tenfold. When a business provides authentic and transparent communication, you can guarantee that the clients will be appreciative and refer you to their colleagues. 

What happens when human connection turns sour?

Maintaining business relationships can be difficult, especially when there is lost trust. Fortunately, the Algorithmic Global team has not been in a situation where a client has lost faith in us, but that doesn’t mean that a loss in connection can’t occur. 

A loss of connection can occur from a client losing sight in the overarching goal. 

By being in the digital marketing niche, we have to make sure our clients see the overarching goal we both share: to bring our client’s more revenue. 

We have witnessed a recurring theme when a new client signs on. In the beginning, the client sends multiple emails and is always calling to check how things are performing. In some cases, it can take several weeks for a PPC campaign to kick in, causing a client to have early doubts about our lead generator.

The first month of working with a new client lays the groundwork for the future of the relationship. 

Algorithmic Global has never experienced an unhappy client. We believe that this is due to us being able to communicate effectively and our continued transparency.

Avoiding A Lack in Connection 

Each month our clients receive reporting about the state of their campaigns. They have the choice to go over all data and metrics with a service representative. We have implemented this action to facilitate conversations and allow a dedicated time for open communication. Outside of the monthly reporting, all of our clients know we are available via phone or email. We prefer email because it is easy to communicate the essential points quickly and clearly.

If the connection is lost, the repair process will first require the Algorithmic Global team to recognize the lack of human connection. A series of internal meetings will pinpoint the actions necessary to make the client feel appreciated. 


Our goal is to keep our track record of providing quality work while continually connecting with our clients. Algorithmic Global is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the restoration digital marketing niche. If you are interested in working with a company that puts its customers first, please contact us via our form on our contact page.


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