Taking A Break When You Work For Yourself

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

You own your own business, which probably means that people envy your ability to create your own schedule. People who don’t own their own business, anyways, because we all know that schedules appear out of necessity when you’re building something on your own. Since your schedule is your own, though, when do you take a break? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

Yesterday I decided to take a complete break. That means I didn’t do a shoot or edit or post on anything, including this blog. Yesterday, I should add, was a Tuesday. A Tuesday that followed a productive Monday and would be followed by a productive Wednesday. So why did I take a break on Tuesday? I had never done so before and I’m not sure if I will again. The reason why is that I don’t know if I agree with the weekend being the time off. Although many people in the country have the ability to create their own schedule, I rarely meet people like such who don’t use the same schedule as their 9 to 5 counterparts. Why is that?

I decided to take a day off in the middle of two busy days so that I would show up on Wednesday refreshed. See, the break was relaxing, sure, but being that it was in the middle of the week it made me crave productivity. I don’t usually spend a Tuesday going to the mall, watching movies, and spending more than an hour on the couch. Therefore, doing so was not only refreshing, but made me excited to get back to work. Interrupting the typical five day routine of work with a break reminded me of how much I enjoy working on this business.

When I wait for the weekend and work, work, work through the week, I feel like I’m anticipating the relaxation. I’ve found that it’s possible to anticipate the work the same way if the breaks are taken in between days of work. Refreshing myself throughout the week, and randomly chosen days at that, has given me the energy of the middle of the week work days (no longer missing the weekend and encouraged by the weekend to come). I now feel that even middle ground all the time.

I’m not sure how taking breaks should work just yet, but I think trying different ways can help me find my perfect medium. I encourage you to try taking your day off a different day than you normally would, if possible. See what happens! What days do you relax? Let us know!


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