Top Traits to Implement When Building a Productive Team

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Leadership and productivity start at the top with the owner/CEO and works its way down the ladder. If a business owner wants to have the most productive team it is important that they are practicing what they are preaching. The owner and leadership team in the business needs to be there as a resource and to oversee all aspects of the team.

To start building a productive team the owner needs to sit down with each and every one of the team members and define clear goals. Each team member has different values and goals, it is important that the owner is aware of what’s driving the members.

The next step in building a productive team is by working on the dependency and trust of the members’ ability to collaborate. Each team member needs to be confident in their knowledge and skills as well as trust that each member is giving it their best.

Keep in mind that Productivity often starts out low. When a group first comes together, they can’t accomplish very much, especially when they don’t know each other. Over time, as they get more comfortable, their performance should gradually increase. If not, something is seriously wrong and needs to be modified.


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