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Posted by Sadie Lulei

Whether it’s SEO, for fun and memories, or both, writing a blog post on a consistent basis can boost your website from an average one to a great one. In terms of SEO, it’s best to write about things that pertain to your business and not your hobbies or personal information. However, seeing as writing solely about work can seem boring or intimidating, there is value in throwing in some posts that come from other areas of interest.

A common question, just like in grade school, is whether or not to write blog posts in first or third person perspective. Do you identify yourself in the post, and if so, then when? When writing SEO blog posts, the inclusion of the first person perspective can distract from the goal of the post, which is to create a stream of engagement towards the website by using the search engine algorithm. When writing posts that are key-word heavy, with the goal of attracting potential clients, then it’s best to stay away from personal information. In those cases, stick to informing readers on what you know or the topic you’ve chosen.

Apart from SEO oriented writing, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some blog posts that mention yourself and your journey through your field of work. In fact, it seems to humanize your website’s blog by not being a truckload of information dropped on any potential client. Instead, mixed with detail and accurate information, they can find your personality. Combined, both styles work.

Once you’ve determined whether this is a personal or SEO oriented blog post, what is the next step? There are usually categories within each industry and most writers pick one or two in order to narrow in on key-words and specific audiences. For instance, this blog post is key-word heavy with SEO and blog post. My audience is anyone who would like to start writing a blog on their website but haven’t done so before, or haven’t done so with satisfaction. This post wouldn’t, for example, be oriented towards those who have written several blog posts or anyone who is here for another type of service from our company.

The hardest part of all is finding satisfaction in your work. A common saying between coworkers at Algorithmic Global is, “Done is better than perfect.” Why? Because you can’t get better at writing your blog posts, SEO or personal, unless you simply begin. When they say practice means perfect, that phrase really does include the idea that things won’t be perfect until the practice has happened. So if you don’t feel satisfied with your writing yet, don’t worry. Satisfaction will be here in just a few more blog posts. Keep writing! You’ll find what you love to write about it and how to write those topics soon.

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