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Thoughts on Giveaways Being an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Last week I was in the mood for a bag of cashews to hold me over until dinner. I decided the most convenient place for me to stop by was the Local 7-11 in Damascus Maryland. As soon as I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by a sign that read “Free Slurpee Day.” You can bet I went and grabbed a small cup and chose the blueberry lemonade flavor. I paid the cashier for the cashews and went on my way to enjoy an interesting mix of a Slurpee and cashews.


What is Psychographics? The Algorithmic Marketing Approach

Psychographics is understanding the personality behind the user. This includes finding more about audience behavior. Understanding the user’s psychographics is important because it’s about optimizing conversions. Conversion happens only after an in-depth understanding of users. To achieve this, we need to go deeper than just measuring usual engagement metrics like clicks, impressions, and views. Once you know what resonates (psychologically) with your audience, you can then produce content that ‘clicks’ with them and yields the desired responses. One way to capture this is through measuring AIO (or Activities, Interests, and opinions).