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Posted by Sadie Lulei

SEO’s importance is obvious when you know that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results. To be one of the first five organic results requires having a hefty website, and the easiest way to fill your website is by posting to your blog frequently. In fact, Algorithmic Global believes in this so much we’ve made it our goal to post on this blog on a daily basis, filling our website with credible, educational information on our products.

Of course, missing a day isn’t the end of the world. Google does want your blog posts to be recent, but even posting just once a week can give your website a boost. If you can post daily though, that’s an intense boost to your website. How could you manage daily posting though?

First off, look at your blog in a more creative light. To post every day you may need to filter through several different possible topics in order to avoid boredom or the feeling of obligation. If you can, enjoy the idea that you have something to say on your blog every day. An easy way to do this is to pick a topic that applies to yesterday or today’s ideas. For instance, this post was inspired by a conversation I had with founder of Algorithmic Global, Lukas Hernandez. I’m the Content Director, so it’s my job to post to this job on a frequent basis. Lukas had no idea I had been posting on a daily basis, but when I told him he was immediately thrilled. In fact, when calling a client and trying to retrieve their SEO business as well as the Google Adwords they already employ us to manage, he mentioned how we, ourselves, post on a daily basis. That was a fantastic selling point. I decided in that moment I would write about my experience writing on a daily basis. Every other topic I’ve written about was also something I had talked about with my coworkers that day or the day before, in order to keep my ideas fresh and to keep myself interested in my writing.

In addition to posting about fresh topics of interest, I have my coworkers write about their experiences. So far, we have no blog posts about Google Adwords, which our Digital Marketing Specialist Kate Castel specializes in. Already I have gotten a post from our Website Designer Andrew Reidlinger and our founder Lukas Hernandez, but hopefully Kate will be up next. In addition to helping the blog be consistently updated, this reminds my coworkers to keep working on their writing skills.

Those are the most important aspects I’ve found to keeping this blog updated on a daily basis. First, write about things you care about and have just recently talked about. Don’t be afraid to update on your thoughts in a later blog post. Also, encourage your coworkers to write about their experiences, even if they just write about it once a week and you do all of the other days. This helps you take a break so you can come back to writing refreshed.

And if daily posting, or posting in general, is harder for you due to time management, consider hiring us. Our team of writers know how to write keyword heavy blog posts in any topic or industry in order to turn your website into one of the top five organic search results. Call us at (301) 337-7492 or email us at algorithmic.global@gmail.com.


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