The Different Kinds of Copy Algorithmic Global Writes

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Some people think writing is writing; it’s much deeper than that. 

There are four main different writing styles: Expository, Persuasive, Narrative, and Descriptive. These four can then be sub-categorized into smaller categories. Algorithmic Global specializes in expository writing; we focus on informing and explaining the subject to the reader. This type of writing has been further broken down further into one category of writing style that we produce, copy-writing. Since opening our doors in 2017 we have been performing copy-writing for websites, social media, blogs, marketing pieces, and event materials. 

Something that we had to learn the hard way was that writing for a website is completely different than having to write for event materials. Sometimes we have to use Ray Edwards “PASTOR” method and then there are other times where we have to focus on getting the message across another way. 

We all find copy-writing to be extremely fun to write and is a skill that everyone on our team is continuously working on.

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