4 Types of Landing Pages And Optimizing For Best Exposure

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Funnel for landing pages to get quality leads

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a designated page designed to allow visitors to view a business’s particular offer. Landing pages are typically built as standalone pages; this makes them much different from a website with multiple pages. 

Web designers and developers create landing pages to show visitors a specific service, product or offer. The goal is to have the visitor take the desired action or “convert.”

The team at Algorithmic Global has built multiple landing pages for a variety of purposes. The following types are four that we have found most businesses to use. 

1) Lead Capture Landing Pages

A lead capture landing page is also known as a squeeze page. A web developer will want to create a squeeze page so that a potential buyer’s information can be harvested for the sales team. When creating a squeeze page, it’s important to remember that this type of landing page should not have any exit paths (meaning no internal/external links). The goal for this type of landing page is to have the visitor complete a form submission.

Algorithmic Global's designs landing pages for social media leads

An example of a lead capture landing page is the one the Algorithmic Global team used to gather customers interested in creating a new website. As you can see, the main focus is to collect visitor data, and it avoids using any internal and external links.

2) Click-Through Landing Pages 

A click-through landing page is similar to a squeeze page, but there is no place where the visitor will place their information. Click-through landing pages provide the visitor with information on the advantages of a product or service in hopes that they continue through the conversion funnel. Ultimately, these landing pages’ goal is to get them to click through to the desired target page.

3) Viral Landing Pages 

When a digital marketer is creating a viral landing page, they need to consider that this landing page is used as a word of mouth marketing tool on social networks. The ultimate goal of these types of pages’ is to have page visitors sign up and become advocates for the brand by telling their family and friends. A successful viral landing page will include social icons so that the visitors can quickly share their findings with their friends. 

4) Thank you landing page 

Thank you landing pages are essential after a new subscription or contact form has been submitted. These types of pages will give the website owner the ability to ask for referrals and offer discounts. Thank you pages are also a great way to gather more information about the visitors who submitted their information. For the thank you pages that we have created, we have set up a goal conversion on Google Analytics to see where the visitors came from who converted. With the analytics data, we will be able to retarget the ideal demographic and location for new potential customers. 

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing a landing page is essential to get the highest possible conversion rate. Every landing page should be reevaluated to ensure the copy, headings, and images are optimized for the best conversion rate optimization. If the landing page that the marketer has created is not converting successfully, then that page is not optimized. 

A/B Testing Landing Pages 

When you create a landing page, it is essential to perform an A/B test to see what is converting better, getting more clicks and has the lowest bounce rate. A/B testing goes hand-in-hand with optimizing because you can continuously refine the landing page over multiple tests. The following are six things that you can test on different landing pages:

  1. Product description 
  2. The call to action
  3. The headline 
  4. The offer
  5. The layout 

Concluding thoughts

As you have now learned, there is a lot that goes into creating landing pages. There are many other different landing page types outside of the main four that we create, but we’ve had the most success with these four. If you have any questions on landing pages or are interested in getting a landing page created for your website, please contact us via our contact page.


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