5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Google AdWords

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When a customer is looking for a product or service, chances are they’re going to search for it on Google first. In business, Google Ads can be a useful tool for directing traffic to your website and marketing your products for sales. If you’ve been disregarding the most popular and valuable online advertising platform in the world, it’s time to take a second look.

#1 Reach Customers When They Are Searching For Your Product Or Service

Any company, despite their size, aspires to be discovered on the first page of the Google search network. The goal of Google AdWords is to help businesses capture future customers who are searching for their products, services, or location when they are in the “ready to buy” stage of the buyers’ journey. 

A small business hoping to get at the top of the search results page organically, have to acknowledge that they’re competing with more prominent companies who have established themselves organically. The beauty of Google AdWords is that any business, large or small, can compete on the same level, with the right strategy in place. You can get your information viewed by your market when they’re searching for your specific product, service, or offers.

#2 Reach Your Local Market

AdWords gives you location targeting options. So if you’re a locally-based business, such as a restoration company, or even an e-commerce site with country shipping restrictions, you can optimize your geo-target to only target those within a specific list of areas.

AdWords enables you to customize your targeted areas within a country, city, zip code, to have full control of where you’d like to show your ads. Businesses also have the option to exclude locations, and it is best practice to exclude the areas you don’t want your ads to show up in as it can produce a better ROI by lowering costs. 

#3 Provide Searchers With Your Business Information

You’ve probably seen ad extensions on ads everywhere, and we examined the significance of utilizing ad extensions to optimize your ads. As a quick review, ad extensions allow businesses to enhance their Google Adwords with phone numbers, addresses, site landing page links, and lots more. By including more contact information in your ads, ad extensions make it easier for your potential customer to connect with you. Although ad extensions are not an additional cost, businesses are still charged the same amount for a click on them. For example, if someone clicks on your phone number to call you directly from your ad extension, you’ll be billed for this paid conversion. 

#4 Follow Your Customer with Retargeted Ads or Remarketing

Remarketing is an effective method used to connect with people who have previously interacted with your website. Remarketing follows the interested customer throughout Google or its partner websites, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or serves as a reminder to those audiences to make a purchase. To understand how Remarketing works, if an interested customer has visited your website, they get a cookie from a code you’ve put on the backend of your site. When they leave your site, you can target your ads to follow them on the Google Display Networks, or Google search. To set up retargeting, you must link your AdWords account to Google Analytics, and we have a step by step process available here.

#5 Get Measured Results

Google AdWords gives you a variety of customizable options to track and measure all of your campaigns in one dashboard.

You can, for example, set and track your own goals for:

  • Traffic to your Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales and Conversions

You can also measure the outcomes of each of your Google Adwords within your ad groups. You can see metrics like:

  • What keywords are performing the best
  • What ads get the best click-through-rate
  • The times your ads are the best performing
  • Who is competing for the same keywords within your targeted area
  • Your optimization and quality score

These are just a few important reasons why businesses must invest in Google AdWords. Still, the main takeaway all companies must recognize is that we live in a world where it is vital to have an online digital presence. Aside from running a paid search ad, companies must also ensure that their website and SEO is fully optimized for paid search to work its magic.


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