Alignable And Linkedin -Fully Utilize These 2 Platforms To Magnify Your Networking Capabilities!

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The alignable patform can help you leverage your business

Gaining new b2b connections in the digital world can provide a powerful boost to your business–that’s where Alignable and LinkedIn prove their worth.

The world of business to business connections is changing. It is not as easy as it once was to meet with new clients. This post will discuss two platforms that the Algorithmic Global team has been using to gain new clients and how you can leverage them as well.

In the digital world, you must build your brand recognition. People need to know about your business and be able to recognize your logo. The easiest way we have found to build a brand is by connecting with businesses we want to work with on two platforms that make connecting more accessible than ever. 

The two leading digital platforms that can help you gain new B2B clients are:

  1. Alignable 
  2. Linkedin 

The focus in creating unique partnerships is still the same; the only difference is now they are conducted online due to the pandemic. The hard part of gaining new business in the digital world will be earning your reputation as a business that companies want to work with without the face-to-face interactions of the past. 

Algorithmic Globals alignable page
The Algorithmic Global Alignable Page

What is Alignable, and how does it work?

Alignable is a platform designed for connection and relationship building. Since its launch in 2014, Alignable has become the go-to platform to connect small and medium-sized businesses based on geographic proximity and shared interests. 

Alignable launched with the idea to build networks on a neighborhood level to create virtual communities and connections in hopes they roll over into a real-life relationship. 

Think about how many local businesses there are in your neighborhood. Are you even aware of everything your area offers? Alignable uses your business’s location to connect you with businesses within a 5-10 mile radius.

The Alignable platform has specific tools to help a business connect and build new leads without the social media noise found on Facebook and Instagram. The most common tool that we have seen businesses use is promotions for their product or service. 

Benefits of using Alignable

The platform will suggest businesses they think would be beneficial for your business to build a connection with and then facilitate that connection. They do this through two categories:

  1. The users we want to be referred to.
  2. Partners we can share referrals with.

Connecting with a prospective client is extremely easy. All you have to do is click the connect button and reach out to them through conversation.

One benefit of Alignable is its feature of asking questions to your connections to get engaging answers back. Like other social media platforms, there is a feed where you can see the asked questions, and who in your community is responding. 

The platform as well gives you opportunities to create private groups that align with your business. Here you will be able to get together and discuss new trends, leads, and referrals. 

Alignable is a robust platform that we recommend every business utilizes. It offers the ability to connect with your email and Facebook page, allowing you to share your Facebook content onto the Alignable platform directly.  

Linkedin vs. Alignable

Linkedin is an effective platform for delivering content and gaining audience engagement. The difference between LinkedIn and Alignable is that LinkedIn is not location-based, which allows you to connect with recommended individuals based on your specific niche but not near your geographical location. For example, since most of our clients are restoration companies, the team members at Algorithmic Global are continuously being shown connections in the restoration niche. 

The biggest issue that we have found with LinkedIn is noise, especially when you make many connections. Our goal, made difficult by the noise, is to deliver quality content to get more quality leads. 

Our advice.

Here at Algorithmic Global, we have a saying, “business is all about relationships.” Using both Linkedin and Alignable, it’s possible to cover all of our bases, making geographical distance a non-issue.

The Algorithmic Global team personally uses Linkedin for a more extensive reach and Alignable with clients that live in our community. 

The way that we suggest becoming a reputable business in your niche is by sharing content that is relevant and organic. Your content can be delivered through text, video, and voice. Whichever communication medium you choose, make sure that the content will speak about the business and show why they should partner with you over the competition. 

Contact us today if you are looking to gain more exposure for your business and want to find new leads in the now-digital world. 

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