How to Take Team Photos

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

Taking team photos is great for content on your business’ website and social media. It’s how potential clients can meet you and your team online. It helps form trust before they even call your business. However, being that most people aren’t naturals at having their photo taken, it can be difficult to get satisfying, quality photos. So here’s how you can prep your team before the photographer even arrives.

#1: Have the team dress color coordinated.

The first step to make it look well put together is to pick some colors everyone can agree on, say navy and black, and then have all the outfits deal with those colors. That way, regardless of where anyone stands or what the background is, your shoot will look thoroughly thought out.

#2: Candid photography is better for content.

Wherever your team or photographer decides to shoot the photos, the best thing you could do in terms of posing is interact with one another and the environment naturally. Trust me, everyone has seen the whole “lined up by height, smile with teeth” photos. But seeing you and your team acting naturally one another, smiling genuinely and having a good time, helps humanize you. The internet is full of pretending, people acting happier, richer, or more productive than they may really be. Candid photography is great content for creating an authentic perspective of your team.

#3: Keep your expectations at a comfortable level.

You’re not going to look like a model. The reason why has nothing to do with appearance, but rather that models practice being in front of the camera far more than you do. So while you do want the photos to meet a level of quality that works with your brand, understand that sometimes the best photos may have you looking a little goofier. Trust me, that’s exactly what you want. People don’t want the fake, perfect smile anymore, they want the real one. So no, you may not look like the perfect version of yourself you were expecting, but you’ll look exactly the way you need to if you take a deep breath and act natural.

Whatever industry you work in, it’s likely you don’t experience getting in front of the camera all that much. That’s perfectly fine, great photos are still possible! Have a clear flow of communication with your photographer, allow them to criticize things to make the photo look better. And if one shoot doesn’t go to plan, don’t give up.

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