5 Popular Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photographs

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5 popular reasons why your business needs professional photographs

Here are 5 popular reasons why your business needs professional photographs.

Reason #1 Professional Photography Gives Your Business A Competitive Edge

High-quality images will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Professional photography can set your entire business’s standards, showing future customers that you are committed to providing professional service and quality products.

Companies that value their brand should hire a professional photographer to help them grow. It can make the most significant difference within someone clicking your Ad on Google, engaging with your business social media, or enquiring on your web site.

Sure, businesses can utilize companies such as Shutterstock to provide stock photos to display their product or service, but companies who chose this route will sequentially lose the opportunity to showcase their brand.

Reason #2 Professional Photos Will Help Establish Your Brand’s Identity

Imagery is an essential component of your brand and how your business communicates itself to the public. Professional photographs can showcase your brand’s personality, and it can also confirm that your company values quality and professionalism.

Reason #3 Stock Photography Lowers Conversion

According to The Marketing Garage, stock photos lower conversion, and below are a few examples.

A debt company sees a 35% increase in online sign-ups with a picture of the founder vs. the top-performing stock photo.

A 3 fold increase in ad click-through occurred when user-generated photos wearing the product were used instead of a stock photograph.

A moving company that replaced THAT generic shot of happy people moving, with a photo of their team or their truck and saw 45% more quotes from their digital marketing.

Reason #4 Customers Have The Opportunity To Get To Know You

When a potential customer visits your website, they want to know you, what you do, and why you do it. Studies show that people are more likely to do business with someone they can relate to and trust. Unfortunately, stock photos are unauthentic, and it doesn’t allow the customer to get to know your brand. 

Even worse, stock photos could present people with a false impression of what your business offers. The best approach for potential customers to discover your business is by showing them actual pictures of your business, your team, and what you do. It is essential to highlight your business products and services with the images that are on your website.

Reason #5 The Impact of Imagery

Imagery is one of the most critical assets when posting social media content. In this day and age, businesses must turn to social media to ensure that they do not miss any opportunities to announce a deal on Facebook or Instagram or a new product on Twitter. 

Most marketers can agree that including a picture is better than not having an image. However, there are some subtle differences in how imagery affects your post, how users interact with it, and how many people your post reaches. Research has shown that when using professional imagery, there is an increase in engagement, and it can be as high as 400% more than when using an unprofessional or stock image.


Professional photography is a vital component of your business. Although it can be a little costly, the images a business chooses can make the most significant difference within someone clicking your Ad on Google, engaging with your business social media, or enquiring on your web site.

If you are looking for a professional photographer, contact us, and we are more than happy to get you started.

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