The 3 Pitfalls of Branding

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Branding is the physical act of applying a brand to something, its what it looks like, its the visual. The brand is what the brand stands for and how it will set you apart from your competitors. A great brand will undeniably differentiate your products or services from others in a changing marketplace. 

Being recognized by the consumer is the first step towards securing a great business. It can generate business by delivering a higher advantage in your respective field, and a brand can enhance the value of your business, thus making it more enticing to investors. 

In this post, we will be taking a look at the biggest don’ts of branding when planning your brand strategy. 

Don’t Be Boring 

People want brands that will excite them, and most importantly, your brand needs to excite you as well. 

Don’t Lie

Advertising tends to get a bad rep as businesses try to get away with lying. Companies that lie will eventually get caught, creating distrust between their brand and the consumer. It is best practice to operate from a profound truth within yourself from within your company, not despite that deep truth.

Don’t Copy Other Businesses

Businesses are enticed to jump on the bandwagon as successful trends come and go. Own your identity and embrace your brand. If something doesn’t make sense for you – don’t do it just because it’s popular or trending, they are not a compass for what you should do.

Branding and the creative process is often anything but simple. But avoiding these pitfalls brings you closer to developing a well-defined brand. 


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