The Buzz Around CBD?

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Hemp marketing

In the past two weeks, I have run into three different businesses that are looking for help marketing their E-Commerce hemp website. I have found it extremely interesting how everyone can see how lucrative Hemp/CBD is going to be. One of the business owners that I was speaking told me that owning a CBD/HEMP business is a solely marketing platform. What he plans on doing is white labeling. White label is where on company rebrands to make it look like it is their product. While I can see how building a Hemp brand can be solely a marketing platform I think it is better to be the industry leader. What I mean by being an industry leader is making sure that that a business is on top of the current news and trends in the business. For a business to simply stick a label on a bag and rebrand is not the most optimal way to build. 

If I were going to start a HEMP/CBD company this is how I would do it. 

The first thing I would want to do is to know exactly how pure the product that I am putting out is. I would partner up with a laboratory where we can test all of the different farms’ products. The tests are made sure that the products are avoiding lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury. As well as to share the potency of the product.  

Here are two of the top labs I have found:

Being the kind of person that likes to meet with people in person I would want to make a trip out to either one of these labs. From there I would look into what people are interested in the product the most. I would like to know the locations of where the top sales are located in the United States. Being an active person in the fitness sphere I would be interested in making fitness individuals the primary focus. Something that fitness people are and will be more aware of is that HEMP/CBD has amazing benefits for recovery. Once I find out what farm product is the purest and trust in the lab I would put my focus on approaching the content coming at a more scientific approach. I feel that people would be interested in the science and processes that go into testing CBD/HEMP. 

Last step, marketing online and in person. Being active in the CrossFit community I would focus on moving products to those in the same community. I would go out to different CrossFit gyms as well as any fitness events. Having an online presence would be challenging at first because building a logo and website that would be specific to the fitness spere would take many collaborative minds. I would want the company to have a barbell in the logo as well as be surrounded by a bunch of HEMP flowers. When looking at the digital world I would look into making everyone aware of the product in this area using Instagram advertising leading consumers to the website.


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