Business Reputation From the Eyes of A Mid-Twenties Owner

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

When starting Algorithmic Global in 2017 I was fearful that other business owners would not take me seriously since I was much younger than the many owners that I knew at the time. The way that I got over this fear was by showing up for myself and leading the life that I thought the best business owner should live. When looking back at the start, I am very proud of the time I have spent building habits and daily routines. The habits and routines that I have built would not have been possible if I  did not study my favorite professionals. 
Coming across professionals by both texts and in person has been beneficial in how I function in my day-to-day life as well as how I run Algorithmic Global. My greatest text inspiration came from the famous Micheal Hyatt, Ray Edwards, Brene Brown, Andy Cunningham, and Ken Coleman. I have learned many lessons from each of the fifty-plus business owners and professionals that I have worked with since 2017. They have all given me much insight into where I am going and how I have gotten to this place in life. I am forever grateful for each of those unique individuals. Because of them, I learned how I could further my reputation as a business owner and how to become a leading digital marketing agency.
Where am I going with this? The tricky thing with reputation is that it takes years for it to be built but can be destroyed in one silly act. 
For a while now I have not trusted myself to not say the wrong thing. But I know that if I want to grow as a professional and human being that it is time to start talking about what I do for the businesses that I work with as well as start sharing my own life with others. I have been apprehensive about doing this because I have been scared to ruin my reputation. It’s not that I do anything necessarily bad, its more allowing people in to give their judgment. I like to keep to myself about my work and how many hours I have spent practicing my craft. I rarely share what I have been studying, what my daily routines include, and the way I lead my life.
Moving forward, I am ready to give everyone the ability to understand who I am and why I matter.  I humbly believe that if I share myself I will be able to inspire more lives and motivate people to become the best versions of themselves.


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