Captcha Forms: Avoid Spam With The #1 Best Form Plugin

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Captcha forms

Are you sick and tired of spam form submissions coming to your email? Then it’s time to start using captcha forms.

By now, you are probably well aware that the professionals at Algorithmic Global specialize in digital marketing services. But did you know that the final step in the lead generation process will commonly be a form submission? The forms that potential leads fill out on your website are essential because these submitted forms go straight to an email inbox, and from there, to a sales representative who will contact the new potential lead.

The last thing any website owner wants to receive is spam form submissions—the form submission spam buries actual leads in their inbox! Fortunately, captcha forms have proven to be an effective spam deterrent and a way to protect a website owner from getting spammed form submissions.

The following blog post will define what captcha forms are and the top reasons you need to utilize them on your website. Read until the end of this post because you will also find out the best WordPress form plugin that allows a website owner to add a captcha to a contact form easily.

What are captcha forms?

Captcha forms force visitors to submit a captcha code before submitting a contact form on a website. This process keeps out any spammers who may want to spam your inbox.

Captcha forms typically require users to verify they are human by typing in a string of letters, numbers, or symbols. Carnegie Mellon designed them in 2000 as a way to tell humans and computers apart.

These captcha strings also come as image or audio files. When the captcha has differentiated between humans and bots, users can submit the form to the website.

A robot with a captcha example.

4 types of captcha forms

  1. Text-based: Text-based captcha forms are the most common captcha forms and require a user to submit letters, numbers, and symbols.
  2. Audio captcha form: Audio captcha forms require users to type in a string of numbers or letters that they hear as an audio file plays on their computer or mobile device.
  3. Image captcha form: Image captcha forms ask for a user’s answer from a string of pictures they see.
  4. Time-based: Time-based captcha forms can indicate whether the user is a human or a bot, depending on the amount of time it takes to fill out the contact form. 

The best WordPress forms plugin

Captcha forms are beneficial because they filter out automated spam programs that try to submit a form. Although worthwhile, embedding them in a website can be challenging without the proper knowledge. If you are in the middle of shopping for a new WordPress form plugin, then consider using Fluent Forms.

Fluent forms are the best WordPress forms plugin because you can customize your captcha – giving it the exact appearance that works for your website. You also have the freedom to choose from multiple captcha types and optimize captcha field settings, so each user has an enjoyable experience with their captcha form.

An example of a fluent forms contact form.

In addition, Fluent Forms offers:

  • Creating unlimited forms
  • Pre-designed form templates
  • Easy integration to a CRM
  • PayPal and Stripe payment integration

Wrapping up

The professionals at Algorithmic global use captcha forms to help keep out unwanted form submissions on the websites they manage. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are sick of receiving spam form submissions and are looking for a captcha forms solution.

An android displaying both human and robotic eyes.

The team at Algorithmic Global manages multiple websites throughout the United States. When you decide to partner up with our digital marketing firm, you will receive a tailored digital marketing experience because we understand that no two businesses are alike.


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