Creative Strategy: 3 Helpful Tricks For Creative Decisions

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Creative strategy in advertising

Hiring an advertising agency that prioritizes the creation of a creative strategy will help you get ahead of the competition

Digital marketing professionals make many creative decisions when advertising services, products, and brands. It’s no secret that phenomenal results follow a well-executed creative strategy. 

A creative strategy in advertising is the backbone of a marketing campaign or project. The creative strategy will serve as a guiding light for the advertising team in charge of developing creative decisions and ad materials. Advertising professionals without a creative strategy often struggle with delivering a consistent message when approaching creative work.

In this blog post, we’ll provide an example of a creative strategy in advertising, as well as three great tips for making creative decisions in advertising. By the end of this blog post, we hope our creative decision process allows you to create a creative strategy that will set your business apart from the competition!

Real-World Example

Real world example of a creative strategy

Our restoration marketing professionals have had the privilege of creating a creative strategy for multiple restoration clients when they come to us for a new web design. Each restoration company has a unique set of goals that they want their website to target. Creating a creative strategy at the beginning always makes the design process more manageable.

There is one example that stands out differently than the rest. A particular restoration client only wanted a website tailored to Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) and for their site to be used as a resource for any customers with questions on line items found on their restoration estimate. Understanding the target of their website made implementing the creative strategy easier.

To ensure the client was happy, we started to research other websites based solely on delivering information (Insurance companies & universities). Understanding the layout of the top-performing franchise websites helped the creative decision process.

In the end, the client was pleased with the final product and decided to keep working with us for ongoing services. We attribute the success of this web design project to our initial development of the creative strategy. Starting with a creative strategy first helped the flow of creative decisions and guaranteed the best possible outcome for the client.

What is a creative strategy in Advertising? 

Implementing a creative strategy is a crucial aspect of the advertising process here at Algorithmic Global. No two businesses are alike, and many offer unique services that require a tailored creative strategy. Intimately tied to the creative strategy are the creative decisions made in advertising—they can make or break a company and be a massive factor in any implemented creative strategy.

There are many creative decisions an advertiser needs to make when creating a creative strategy in advertising. For example, it is common for an advertiser to start a creative strategy by thinking about the campaign’s target audience. Knowing the target audience ensures that only the targeted audience is viewing the advertisement. 

Once you have the ideal targeted audience, you will want to create a style guide that sets the brand consistency standard for typography, formatting, and colors. Consistency in a creative strategy is essential for all forms of marketing deployment. 

Another attribute in creating a creative strategy is deciding what channel or medium best serves the target audience. For example, the creative strategy may include social media channels, search engine marketing, or email marketing. 

Thomasville Restoration Style Guide

3 Tips in making creative decisions in advertising

  1. Always start with the desired outcome in mind.

When advertising for a brand or company, it is essential to know the desired outcome of the creative strategy. For example, the creative strategy you plan to implement can:

  • drive more sales
  • build brand awareness
  • email sign-ups

Starting with the desired outcomes will ensure that creative decisions will help the creative strategy reach those goals.

  1. Trust other team members to make creative decisions. 

Trusting other team members is essential to ensuring each individual is making creative decisions. In advertising, leaning on all the team members’ decision-making skills while implementing a creative strategy helps everyone contribute in their unique way. Remember, you hired creative team members because they are creative thinkers and can think outside the box. 

All team members should have input in creative decisions to understand what will help them implement their tasks within the creative campaign more effectively. 

  1. Don’t drag on creative decision-making.

Analysis paralysis can occur when creative decision-making takes too long. Analysis paralysis hinders creative thinking, so all parties must make creative decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Bottom line, creative decisions are creative; they cannot be made based solely on analytical data and should not require a lot of debate or back-and-forth amongst team members. 

Concluding thoughts 

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We hope you enjoyed learning the importance of creating a creative strategy and how to build a culture of creative decision-makers! 

If you are looking to outsource search engine marketing, consider working with a creative agency like Algorithmic Global. We prioritize making creative decisions in advertising and have the team members work together on implementing their tasks within each creative strategy.

Please leave a comment if you have further tips on promoting a culture that makes creative decisions!

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