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Digital Marketing Performance Report

At a minimum, clients should receive a monthly digital marketing performance report displaying how their current campaign is performing.

The marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global understand the importance of data when it comes to digital marketing. Each month all of our clients get a detailed digital marketing performance report displaying the performance of their current digital marketing campaigns.

This blog post is for digital marketing professionals seeking a platform to deliver a quality digital marketing report for their boss or clients.

The secret to delivering a great digital marketing performance report

A great digital marketing report

Since 2017, the professionals at Algorithmic Global have relied on providing accurate data for their clients. So when developing the perfect digital marketing report, we decided it would be best to ensure that anyone with a high school education or greater could easily read our digital marketing performance report.

Five attributes of a great digital marketing performance report:

  1. Include multiple types of graphs (pie, line, bar, scatter)
  2. Easily printable
  3. Include appropriate white space
  4. Add color but not distracting 
  5. Avoid many pages

The digital marketing performance report that the professional at Algorithmic Global delivers includes one page of all website traffic and additional pages for each platform’s data. We try our best to ensure that we only limit one page per platform so that the report is easy to follow.

The #1 free tool used to create a digital marketing performance report

An Algorithmic Global digital marketing performance report

The best free tool that every digital marketing professional should utilize is Google Data Studio, introduced during the 2016 Google Analytics 360 suite rollout. Many digital marketing professionals use it to create customizable digital marketing performance reports.

As a restoration marketing agency, we enjoy how Google Data Studio integrates easily with Google Adwords and Google Analytics. So when designing your custom digital marketing report, you get all of your client’s website data with just a few clicks of the mouse.

For those new to Google Data Studio, you will love the free templates available. The free templates are easily customizable, allowing a digital marketer to add their logo and the unique data that needs to be delivered.

Delivering your digital marketing performance report

There are many ways you can deliver a digital marketing performance report. Of course, if possible, it will always be best to deliver the information in person, but we understand that that is not always an option. 

Here are some other ways to deliver a digital marketing report:

  • Share the digital marketing performance report so that your client can overlook it on their own.
  • Email the report as a PDF
  • Compose a Loom video discussing the report
  • Schedule a zoom call to go over the report together

Final thoughts

Digital marketing performance report templates in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a great free software for a simple data visualization with an interactive dashboard. Here at Algorithmic Global, we primarily use Google Data Studio for reporting and have experience using Tableau. (Tableau is another software for digital marketing performance reporting but is not free. Instead, it has three different pricing tiers, with the lowest starting at $70 a month.)

We hope you choose to utilize Google Data Studio as your leading reporting software, just as we have at Algorithmic Global. We know you will appreciate how easy it is to use, especially if you understand how to use Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets.
We hope you enjoyed learning about Google Data Studio and why it is the best free digital marketing performance reporting software out there. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on setting up Google Data Studio and for further examples of a digital marketing performance report.


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