A Great Digital Marketing Portfolio Has 5 Superb Attributes!

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Digital marketing portfolio

An agency with a comprehensive digital marketing portfolio is likely to have higher conversions.

Putting together a resume and writing the perfect cover letter helps individuals looking for a new job stand out from the competition. In the digital marketing world, agencies share their digital marketing portfolio when investing in a future with a new client.  

Creating a digital marketing portfolio portrays that the agency has developed a collaborative environment with creative decision-makers. The professionals at Algorithmic Global understand that a digital marketing portfolio needs to be comprehensive and can’t be captured in solely one writing sample or picture. 

A digital marketing portfolio is a sales tool that presents the quality of work you deliver to other companies. The perfect portfolio will include an accurate representation of everything the agency has done as a digital marketing expert, like running advertising campaigns or handling a company’s recent website launch.

The following blog post will discuss digital marketing portfolios and five key attributes they must have.

Real-world example

At Algorithmic Global, we have a digital marketing portfolio that showcases our completed digital marketing projects; we give this to our potential clients.

For example, whenever a new client is interested in our restoration marketing services, we send them our portfolio that showcases our top websites and why we are credible. For each website in our digital marketing portfolio, we like to emphasize how each page has over six hundred words of unique copy and a design that allows for quick conversions. We also highlight how all of our websites are completely customizable to a client’s liking.

To ensure we are not overwhelming a client, we only include five websites in our digital marketing portfolio. In addition, we have chosen currently not to include a digital marketing portfolio directly on our website for the sake of client confidentiality.

5 attributes of a digital marketing portfolio

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Five attributes make up an excellent digital marketing portfolio:

  1. Team member content. 

A potential client needs to know who they would be working with, their digital marketing experience, and what special certifications the team has.

  1. Strategy examples. 

The digital marketing portfolio should show how you have helped a company implement a creative strategy from start to finish.

  1. Quality content. 

It’s essential to showcase the quality of written copy produced, digital assets designed, and videos created. The digital marketing portfolio should also demonstrate the company’s ability to create digital content in several different formats.

  1. SEO/PPC/Email campaigns. 

A well put together digital marketing portfolio will include the conversions from SEO/PPC/email marketing campaigns. An excellent way to show this data is through screenshots directly taken from Google Analytics.

  1. Website design/layout.

The inclusion of a website design/outline in a digital marketing portfolio is essential. It should showcase load times, site structure, and include a list of digital assets created for the website.

Where to include a digital marketing portfolio?

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As we mentioned, an agency should use a digital marketing portfolio to showcase experience and qualifications in the digital marketing field. It can also be an essential tool when closing new leads.

A topic for debate is whether or not It is important to include a digital marketing portfolio on your website. A digital marketing portfolio can be a valuable asset that will help showcase what type of services you offer clients.

However, you may want to reconsider publicizing your digital marketing portfolio on your websites. We will go over the pros and cons of adding a digital marketing portfolio directly on an agency website for clarity.


  • When you include a digital marketing portfolio directly on your website, it allows for quick, easy navigation of the work the digital marketing agency produces, showcasing the quality. 
  • Including a digital marketing portfolio could also help with conversions by making visitors feel more comfortable with the services.
  • A person who needs digital marketing assistance may find themselves looking through portfolios online before moving forward.
  • By including a digital marketing portfolio on your website, you may get lucky and be the first and only potential digital marketing agency they come across.


  • The goal of your digital marketing website should be to get the contact information of a potential client. Therefore, a digital marketing firm may not want to include a digital marketing portfolio on its website because it takes the curiosity factor out of the equation.
  • Another con is the lack of client confidentiality. When you include a past client’s work directly on your website, you make it public knowledge that you have done digital marketing for them. Therefore, you want to be careful about having information like contact details or even the person’s name on your website. To save you from future headaches, you should include language in your web design contracts that stipulate you can showcase your past work to prospective clients.

Wrapping up

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the importance of a digital marketing portfolio and the essential attributes included in them. Remember, the goal of a digital marketing portfolio is to showcase your work detailing the kind of skills and services you offer, and show off some cases where you applied those skills successfully!

At Algorithmic Global, we mainly offer marketing services for restoration companies. Our digital marketing portfolio has increased our chances of setting up additional meetings with new potential clients. Potential clients like to see the real success stories from someone’s previous work before deciding whether or not they want to work with us.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or if you think we missed any critical attributes of a digital marketing portfolio!


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