3 Effective Methods To Decrease Your Google Ads Bids

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ffective Methods To Decrease Your Google Ads Bids

Don’t miss out on practicing these effective methods to decrease your Google Ads Bids significantly.

Google Ads’ cost-per-click bid prices are increasing as advertisers realize how powerful this channel is for their business growth.

Since Google Ads works like an auction, more and more advertisers are competing to win, which means overall costs will rise. 

Although advertisers have no control over the price increases due to heavy competition, they can control their bid costs by implementing these three simple practices to decrease their total Google Ads costs. 

They are the following:

  1. Adjust Bids Regularly
  2. Increase Your Quality Score
  3. Always Check For Negative Keywords

Effective Method #1 Adjust Your Bids Regularly

Its best practice to check on your bids daily and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your efforts are not going to waste.

As a quick refresher, a bid is an amount you are willing to pay to show one of your ads for a keyword that you are bidding on. However, as mentioned, Google Ads is an auction, and bids fluctuate every day, especially if a keyword that you’re bidding on is very competitive. 

When Should You Adjust Your Bids

Adjust any bids on a keyword that is not bringing in conversions, especially when the costs do not align with your cost per conversion or the return on ad spend goals. 

Utilize your bid modifiers as it gives you more granular control over your performance.

What Are Bid Modifiers?

Bid modifiers allow you to adjust bids for a specific criterion without changing your campaign or ad group’s targeting.

The Different Types of Bid Modifiers

Device Bid Modifications – Adjust bids based on device performance (mobile, computer, and tablet)

Geo – Adjust bids based on location performance.

Day/Time – Adjust bids based on the performance of the day and hour of the week.

So, say you’ve got a campaign that performs well on mobile devices with a max CPC bid of US $20. To display your ad to more consumers on mobile devices, you increase your bid by 20% for searches on mobile devices, resulting in a final bid amount of US $24.

Here’s the math:

Starting bid: $20

Mobile adjustment: $20 + ($20 x 20%) = $24

Resulting bid for searches on mobile devices: $24

This method also works the other way around when you want to decrease your bids for specific devices that are not performing as well.

Algorithmic Global digital marketing project
Example of Increasing Bid Adjustments by device (15%)
Algorithmic Global digital marketing project
Adjusting Your Bids In Google Ads Example

Effective Method #2 Increase Your Quality Score

Did you know that Ads with lower bids can beat those of higher-paying competitors by having better relevance? 

Having a high-quality score can be just as beneficial as a high bid.

Prioritizing a high-quality score makes PPC very appealing because it’s not just the biggest advertiser who always wins. Small businesses can take advantage of this factor by improving their quality score, placing them as an equal competitor to more significant firms.

If you want to increase your quality score, refer to this post as we break down the importance of staying relevant as it can affect your Google Ad bids costs.

Effective Method #3 Always Check For Negative Keywords

Your keywords can show a variety of search queries, and some may be beneficial, and some may be bad.

Its best practice to consistently check your search term report for any irrelevant keywords you may be showing up for and add these terms to your negative keyword list.

Applying this fundamental tip can help you reduce the amount of wasted spend on your campaigns. Some advertisers argue that it is not necessary to consistently monitor their account for irrelevant terms as they exclusively use exact match keywords.

However, as Google continues to update its platform, advertisers can still show up for a search term if Google feels that the search query is closely related to the triggered keyword.

Unfortunately, Google’s platform is not always accurate. It can have performance issues on campaigns, which is why advertisers must continue to monitor the account and not leave things on auto-pilot.


We advise that you implement these effective methods to decrease your Google Ads bids, and as always don’t leave things on auto-pilot as everything fluctuates, the best way to guarantee that you are not wasting money is to ensure that the account is monitored on a daily basis. If you need help with your Google Ads account, please fill out the contact form on our contact page, and we will gladly assist you. 


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