Facebook Ads Optimization: Superb Results With 3 Easy Tweaks

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Facebook ads optimization

Facebook ads optimization is an ongoing process that pays off with more high-quality results!

With an audience that numbers more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Its ad platform has massive potential for generating leads and sales for any business. However, all too often, companies try running campaigns without any thought given to their Facebook ads optimization, which can lead to spending large sums of money with little or no return.

And with the changes to iOS that affect tracking across Apple’s mobile devices, Facebook ads optimization has become more critical than ever. With the Facebook ads platform going through a bit of turmoil, it’s a great time to test out new changes to your campaigns.

This blog post will talk about what the iOS changes mean for ads, discuss how often you should be updating your Facebook ads, and show you 3 easy tweaks that could help you get better results from your Facebook ad campaigns!

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Apple’s new iOS restrictions

Apple has recently implemented new updates to iOS that restrict how apps can track data from users, which will affect Facebook ads optimization.

The restrictions improve user privacy and prevent the collection of personal information without permission by outside developers. But what does this mean for Facebook advertisers?

The answer: we don’t quite know yet.

There’s a good chance that the lack of tracking makes targeting harder, which means Facebook ads optimization has become even more significant. We’ve already seen reporting changes, with notifications on results saying the displayed number involves statistical analysis since Facebook can’t track users as closely as before.

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How often should you change your Facebook ads?

The answer: it depends. We advise two options, either once a month or whenever expected results dip (beyond a two-week grace period where the campaign’s getting started).

Some Facebook ads campaigns work at first or for a while, and then they slowly lose efficacy. This drop in performance happens because of ad frequency, or how often your ad has been seen. In short, when everyone in your audience has seen your ad, it’s time for a refresh.

The key to Facebook ads optimization is changing one aspect at a time and devoting part of your budget to the new option. This way, you can see what works best in your particular situation, in a continual head-to-head competition.

Why one thing at a time? Because knowing what changed helps you keep what works and discard what doesn’t.

What should you change?

There are three main areas you can tweak when working on your Facebook ads optimization:

  • Image
  • Primary text
  • Audience

Finding a gem in each of these can make or break your campaign. By tweaking one at a time and testing the new campaign against the original, the best of each can rise to the top with your Facebook ads optimization.


Think of changing the ad image like changing a billboard. Users scrolling past need something that grabs their attention—much like billboards on the highway.

The image in a Facebook ads campaign should be direct and clear to grab attention and elicit a response.

Primary Text

A good ad is like the compelling copy on an article page: it makes readers want to read more. It’s not just about what you’re selling or promoting; your Facebook ad needs to sell the story as well.

The image grabs their attention, and the primary text tells them more about your product, service, or offer. Through Facebook ads optimization, you can find the winning combination of image and primary text that gets the most people clicking on your ad.

graphic showing target audience


Both image and primary text deal with the ad itself—what about who sees the ad in the first place? Showing science fiction books to boat enthusiasts won’t generate quality results, regardless of how good the ad is they see.

By tweaking and testing new audiences during your Facebook ads optimization, you can find the group of people who respond best to your ad. Once you find a good one, double down on adjacent categories and demographics.

Facebook ads optimization with Algorithmic Global

Facebook ads optimization isn’t a one-time deal—it’s an ongoing process of tweaking your ad and improve your campaigns. The goal? To find the best conversion rates, whether it’s for traffic, sales, or leads.

And with the iOS changes affecting everyone that advertises on Facebook, now’s a great time to double down on your Facebook ads optimization and find a winning combination that works!

Algorithmic Global has experience running Facebook ads for everything from books to cannabis. Our experts do all the testing for you, continuously running experiments to find new ways of finding your ideal customers. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page to find out more about Facebook ads optimization!


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