5 Services A Full Service Marketing Agency Should Offer!

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Learn why you should consider working with a full service marketing agency. 

There are many terms and phrases in the marketing world specific to the digital marketing industry. A few of the more common digital marketing terms are SEO, PPC, and keyword research

When looking for a company to work with on your digital marketing efforts, you might come upon the term “full service marketing agency.” But what exactly does a full service marketing agency offer? 

Our Definition – “Full service marketing agency”

A full service marketing agency is an agency that can handle all aspects of the digital marketing process—from the start with strategic planning, creative design work, production, through implementation, including on and offline advertising. 

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Full Service vs. Limited 

If you are in the middle of selecting a marketing agency to partner with, you need to find out if the company you are interviewing is a full service marketing agency. 

While shopping, it is essential to keep in mind not all marketing agencies are of the “full service” variety; some only specialize in a specific aspect of marketing. 

Services offered by a full service marketing agency 

  1. Web design & Web Development 
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Email Marketing

A limited marketing agency may only specialize in one of the categories listed above. Although they may be highly specialized and reputable, you need to keep in mind that you will have to manage other parts of your marketing efforts yourself. 

One of the clear advantages of choosing a full service marketing agency is that all marketing efforts will be performed by one company; no further need to hire another marketing agency to produce your uniquely designed marketing campaign. 

Another advantage to hiring a full service marketing agency is that you can focus on your business’s operations and ensure your customers are continuously satisfied. 

When to hire a full service marketing agency 

The best time to hire a full service marketing agency is when there is no in-house team handling your marketing efforts. Without the right team in place, you are likely missing many opportunities for new leads and are losing out on low-hanging fruit. 

Many companies already have sales teams in place, which is different from marketing efforts. The full service marketing agency supports your sales team. The sales professionals will be good at cold calling and meeting with clients face to face. The full service digital marketing agency will optimize your campaigns, track data, and allocate your monthly budget. 

The benefits of a full service agency

The full service marketing agency that you choose to hire should feel like an extension of your team. The correct marketing professionals will work hard to understand your business, over time becoming so good you’d think they were in the office five days a week.  

Besides the in-house feel, the full service marketing agency will ensure consistency throughout all marketing campaigns. The pieces of all marketing efforts should fit together like puzzle pieces, with a clear picture apparent after implementing the plan. 

To ensure you hit your goals, a full service marketing agency will have a comprehensive understanding of your brand persona and how that persona behaves online. To get a targeted customer to convert down a sales funnel takes strategic planning and a uniquely designed marketing campaign to ensure your target customer is reached from all possible angles. 

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Until next time 

Today we went through the Algorithmic Global definition of full service marketing, the benefits, and what it entails. To close this post out, we want you to think about the money you will save when choosing to work with a full-service digital marketing agency. When you hire a full service marketing agency like Algorithmic Global, you will save money on software, staffing, systems, and educated professionals. 

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