Google Ads Experiment: New Results From 1 Constructive Test

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With a Google Ads experiment, marketers can test a draft campaign with minor tweaks and discover if they make an impact!

Running a Google Ads experiment lets advertisers who want to experiment with different types of advertising run a test without making changes to their original campaign. The program allows Google to automatically target adverts at a draft campaign and show which type of advertising is more effective.

A Google Ads experiment has many possibilities for testing, including bid types, match types, and location targeting.

Advertisers can then use this information to optimize their campaigns so that they have the most success possible. Using a Google Ads experiment will be beneficial for all businesses looking for an increase in conversions!

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What is a Google Ads experiment?

A Google advertising experiment is a feature found in Google’s advertising platform. It will allow advertisers to target adverts at a draft campaign held by Google to see which campaign has better results.

How a Google Ads experiment works: Google will randomly choose a percentage of users and show your ads to them (control group). Another portion won’t see these ads (experimental group) but will see the ads from the draft campaign. Then Google compares the metrics between control and experimental groups to determine whether or not your draft campaign is a winner or loser. You’ll know how well your campaign performs by checking the Google ads platform to see which campaign has better results.

We suggest running a Google Ads experiment for a minimum of one week but generally find that two weeks to a month works better for data collection. Then, you can determine what changes (if any) are worth making to your original campaign!

When should you start using a Google Ads experiment?

Start using a Google Ads experiment as soon as you know what variation you want to test: ad copy, audience variations, and bid strategies are good starting points. If you’re not sure what Google ads campaign experiments are, Google has a step by step guide on how to create Google ad campaigns here:

Anytime after the initial setup is complete and you’ve added at least one draft campaign, go to the drafts tab and select the draft campaigns you want to compare with the Google ads experiment. Then, click or tap “start Google ads experiment.” You can stop a Google Ads experiment at any time.

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Lessons from our most recent Google ads experiment

We recently ran a Google Ads experiment where we targeted ads at a draft campaign to see which would have better results. This function has been possible for advertisers on Google’s advertising platform for a while. However, we wanted to test the feature on a Google campaign sending traffic to an author’s website.

It was an interesting experiment because it made us figure out which variations we wanted to test first in our draft campaign. The two variables we tested were:

  • Increased match type precision. Broad match turned into phrase match, and existing phrase match turned into exact match
  • Automatic bidding—max clicks instead of manual bidding

We also discovered some lessons worth sharing related to this process:

  1. Our draft campaign was a variation of our original campaign. It didn’t take long to enact the changes, and our original campaign was untouched.
  2. The draft campaign had a much higher click-through rate. Almost double, 4.5% compared to over 9%. We thought this would be the case because of the tightened match types, but we were surprised at the magnitude.
  3. One ad group dominated the spend when we wanted even distribution between the ad groups. There’s no way to rectify the situation without manual bidding’s control, so we’ll be moving forward with manual bidding when pushing through the new changes.
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Google Ads with Algorithmic Global

Running a Google Ads experiment is an easy way to get the most out of Google’s advertising platform. These experiments allow advertisers to target adverts at a draft campaign held by Google to see which campaign has better results.

There are so many variables that go into marketing, and getting the right balance can be difficult without some help from a Google ads experiment. With this feature in place, marketers can quickly figure out what changes (if any) need to be made before continuing with their original Google ads campaigns.

If your business hasn’t used Google Ads yet or if you want more information about the Google Ads experiment process, then reach out to our digital marketers via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you within twenty-four hours!


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