Need Google Ads Help? PPC Success With 3 Impactful Steps!

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Google ads help

If you find yourself needing Google ads help, let Algorithmic Global’s pay-per-click experts take your digital marketing to the next level.

Search engine marketing, and Google ads in particular, have the potential to transform any business. Business owners who want to take advantage of the world’s most powerful search engine but still need Google ads help can turn to Algorithmic Global’s team, so they don’t have to learn a new skill set themselves. 

In the end, outsourcing Google ads frees up more time for running the business.

Restoration companies nationwide turn to us for Google ads help, along with clients from industries as varied as book publishing to cannabis. This article will dive into what you can expect if you need Google ads help and decide working with us is worth further exploration.

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Running Google ads yourself

Let’s be clear: there’s a good chance anyone can learn how to run effective Google ads. 

There’s also a good chance anyone could run a marathon, given enough training.

But at some point, the question of whether it’s worth your time becomes the determining factor. Is learning Google ads worth the investment, or would that time be better spent on growing your business?

That’s where our Google ads help services come in. If you want to take advantage of the vast amounts of traffic available online, but don’t have the availability to learn the system, let us take care of it for you.

Google ads help

Cost is the first concern for business owners seeking Google ads help. It has to be worth the time-savings.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s go over exactly what you can expect when you work with Algorithmic Global when you need Google ads help.


The first step we take when you turn to us for Google ads help is how your campaigns are structured.

For transparency, there’s a good chance we’ll rebuild your Google ads from scratch.

Our goal is to ensure each campaign has a dedicated purpose; this can be everything from sales to brand awareness. This purpose dictates the structure further down the line.

Each ad group sells a particular product or service and should link to a specific landing page. For example, a mold remediation ad group will link to a page about the company’s mold remediation services.

Within this ad group are keywords that describe the service, based on standard search terms potential customers might use. Ideally, the landing page includes these keywords. If it doesn’t, our SEO/copywriting services can help, leading to an optimized user experience and more traffic.


Most people who reach out to us for Google ads help are interested in finding the “right” keywords. Their logic: there’s gold out there if they can tap the right source.

A lot of successful keywords are because they are relevant to both the customers’ search terms and the landing page.

This streamlined relevancy is where our SEO/copywriting services also play a part. By making sure the landing page and the ads align, we put your ads in a better position of showing to searchers in the first place.

We find the relevant keywords with help from Google. During ad creation, there’s a tool where Google outright tells which keywords are associated with a service or product. Using these keywords, and molding the landing page accordingly, creates a seamless seam between the ads and the services page.

Once the campaign is live, we mold this traffic by using customers’ search terms to tell Google which traffic types are worth keeping and which aren’t quite what we’re looking for in the particular campaign.

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Finally, the number one reason businesses turn to Algorithmic Global for Google ads help: more bang for the buck.

Our goal is to get you the most quality traffic for the money you put into advertising. This process includes modifying daily spend, budgets, and keyword bids to get the most sales or leads possible.

There isn’t a magic pill, and the steps taken will vary from campaign to campaign. But making sure you get the most out of your budget is one of the essential factors in successful Google ads help services and the reason our clients stick around for the long haul.

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Google ads help from Algorithmic Global

The proper structure, relevant keywords, and an ever-present mindset of value are the three pillars of our Google ads help system. 

Our focus on quality, quantity, AND cost keeps our customers satisfied and secure in our Google ads management services.
If you are looking for Google ads help, the team at Algorithmic Global can help! Reach out to us via our contact page, and our experienced team will follow up with you and find out how we can work together on your digital marketing.


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