4 Reasons Why Hiring A Google Ads Specialist Is A Great Idea

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Google Ads specialist optimizes budget

A Google Ads specialist can help make sure you get the most from your advertising dollars!

Google ads are the advertisements on Google’s search results page and the pages of their search partners. A Google ads specialist is someone who knows this system and can structure a campaign, getting you the most for your money.

While every company could, in theory, benefit from Google Ads, a surprising number don’t take advantage of this powerful advertising tool. Still fewer take advantage of the expertise of a Google Ads specialist, running their campaigns themselves instead of relying on the aid of an expert.

This article will dive into four reasons why hiring a Google Ads specialist is a great idea and can help any company get the most out of their advertising dollars!

About Google Ads

Google makes up over 90% of all searches worldwide, making it a powerful resource for those who exploit the advantage.

When putting money into an advertising budget, Google Ads offers various benefits such as the search terms users use when discovering your product, the dates and times with the most traffic, and what your competitors are doing for the same search traffic.

These ads cost money. Anyone who runs Google Ads themselves spends their time, which costs them money indirectly. A Google Ads specialist can get you that time back while making the most of the dollars you spend on advertising.

About a Google Ads Specialist

There are four main benefits of hiring a Google Ads specialist.

  1. Most clicks for your budget
  2. Maximize value from each click
  3. Mold the traffic going to the site
  4. Interpretation of the data

Let’s take a look at each of these reasons in depth.

Most clicks for your budget

Creating Google Ads requires several steps to create campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. While a Google Ads specialist can save you time just by eliminating the navigation of these elements, let’s assume the ads themselves are equal.

Let’s also assume the budget is spending each day, regardless of who runs the campaigns. What can a Google Ads specialist do?

Two main competitive metrics detail how your budget spends each day: Loss to rank and loss to budget. These highlight the reason your account has spent money and what limits the spending of more money.

Search Lost Budget
Search lost due to campaign budget
Search Lost rank
Search lost due to rank, an indirect indicator of low bid amount

If an account is missing out on clicks because there isn’t enough daily budget, this shows a high amount of search lost to budget. On the other hand, if the account is missing out on clicks because the ad rank is low, the bids for keywords is the limiting factor.

A Google Ads specialist can use these two numbers to make an informed decision about the best way for Google to spend your advertising dollars, resulting in the most clicks for your budget!

Maximize value for each click

Understanding this concept requires us to take a step back before moving forward. Let’s assume potential customers fall along a continuum of likelihood to purchase, from 1-100. Those closer to 1 have low intent, and those closer to 100 have high intent.

A Google Ads specialist can build the keywords so that the money spent on clicks is for people closer to the 100 mark.

Most people close to the 1 are seeking information about a service or product. You can choose to serve these as low-cost ads, but it’s advised the high-cost ads that show at the top of the search engine results page are reserved for the potential customers closer to 100. A Google Ads specialist can use a combination of broad and exact keywords to make sure your clicks have the highest chance for conversion.

Mold the traffic going to the site

The traffic going to a website is, in general, SEO territory. Still, a benefit of paid ads is shaping the traffic to an advertised website, with the help of Google Analytics.

When users click on a website and navigate through its pages, Google learns what search terms result in the user’s behavior. In essence, Google’s algorithm learns that users who need help with a particular search term find an answer on the advertised site’s pages.

Google’s dominance has emerged because of the quality of its answers. A solid SEO strategy can make sure the algorithm knows your site provides answers, and paid advertisements run by a Google Ads specialist can help!

Interpretation of the data

Go back to the first section, the one about getting the most clicks for a budget. These two competitive metrics, about budget and ad rank, are just two of the myriad data points Google offers users of its advertising platform.

A Google Ads specialist can sort through the data and provide feedback as to their meaning.

A quick example: if a website shows a high bounce rate through Google Analytics, the Google Ads specialist can suggest you take a look at the page speed. Slow loading times are the number one cause of a high bounce rate.

Another example: Users click on the ads, but conversions aren’t materializing. This scenario could require another look at the landing page. Maybe the correct information isn’t displayed in a prominent position? Is the location information missing? Lack of conversions could be a sign that landing page optimization is required.

What is a Google Ads specialist?

A Google Ads specialist manages and optimizes Google Ads on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

They are in charge of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, providing insight into the advertising strategy’s future direction and ensuring the advertising dollars spend according to the client’s wishes.

Google Ads Clicks and Impressions graph
Chart showing clicks and impressions in October 2020

How do Google Ads specialists make money?

A Google Ads specialist makes money one of two ways: it can charge a percentage of advertising dollars, or charge a flat fee for management and optimization services.

Algorithmic Global charges based on a percentage for Google Ads management: 30% of the advertising budget. 

How much does Google charge per click?

Google charges a wide range of prices per click. A Google Ads specialist can manage these prices within the context of the overall strategy.

For example, e-commerce sites can see clicks as low as under a dollar for the search engine’s results page. Water damage restoration clients can pay upwards of fifty dollars per click. 

Display ads are a different beast but are much cheaper. Be careful using these cheaper clicks; their conversion rates are lower than search engine results pages.

Finding a Google Ads specialist

A quality Google Ads specialist is worth their costs because they save you both time and money.

While it is possible to run Google Ads yourself, the learning curve before campaigns are optimized makes it a time investment.

Any Google Ads specialist should be able to answer any questions you have regarding the campaign strategy. Additionally, they should be able to provide a transparent cost breakdown for their services.

If you are looking for a Google Ads specialist, the Algorithmic Global team is here for you! The bulk of our work is in the restoration industry, and we have clients in a variety of industries, running both e-commerce and lead generation campaigns! 

Reach out via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!


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