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Google recommendations for your ads are worth looking into, but you don’t have to follow each one!

Google has tons of ways for you to save time and get better results from your advertising campaigns. Google recommendations can be as simple as minor changes to your budget or as big as starting a new type of Google campaign, and Google’s goal is to help you save time by finding how you can make your Google ads better faster.

Google recommendations come in handy because they’re based on what it knows about the performance of other digital advertisers just like yourself! Plus, they provide information about tons of great features you might not know about.

Google recommendations accumulate and stack on themselves; numerous small changes can make a big difference in your advertising experience! This article will outline some common Google recommendations and how you should approach them. With Google’s help, it won’t take long before you notice that your Google ads are working better!

Why run Google ads?

Google has the highest amount of search traffic in the world. With so many people using Google every day, there are countless eyes and opportunities for new customers. Therefore, running Google Ads is a no-brainer for anyone starting their marketing program.

We recommend Google Ads to any business owner looking for a way to create an impact in their lead generation or sales efforts. Google Ads are Google’s product that advertises your business on Google within Google search results, which means people will be able to see it when they look for related products or services.

Even when customers don’t convert, the high-quality traffic generated from Google Ads means that people are becoming acquainted with your brand or product, which could pay off down the line.

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Where can I find the Google recommendations?

Google recommendations are one of the tabs on the left side of the Google ads platform. They are what Google believes will help your advertising efforts thrive.

Google recommendations are Google’s way of ensuring that you’re getting the best Google ads experience possible. In addition, Google constantly reviews your account and provides feedback on getting better results from Google ads.

You might be wondering how Google knows what the best Google Ads practice for your company is. Google has spent years analyzing websites, keywords, ad groups, and many other Google Ads factors to determine what makes a Google ad effective. Google has employees diving deep into Google best practices, and they continue to improve their knowledge on Google Ads so that you can benefit from this!

One thing to note: you don’t have to follow all of your prescribed Google recommendations. You can dismiss the ones that aren’t relevant to your ads and still get points towards your optimization score. 

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What does a 100% optimization score mean?

A Google ads optimization score is Google’s way of determining the best Google ads practices for your company. Google Ads optimization scores range from 1% to 100%. However, the Google Ads optimization score that Google recommends you should aim for is 100%. A Google ads optimization score of 100% means your Google ads are working optimally (in their opinion), and there is no room for improvement.

Google partners must maintain a minimum 70% optimization score. In practice, this often means that they check their account often, since dismissing Google recommendations still provides credit to the score. It might seem like dismissing all Google recommendations right away would take care of maintaining the minimum, but the recommendations reset after a few days and weeks.

Plus, some of the recommendations are worthy of your investigation.

Common Google recommendations

One of the most common Google recommendations that we see is changing our bid type to an automated strategy. In effect, Google thinks they can manage our account’s bid better than we can.

Since we prefer a manual bid strategy—instead of a max clicks automated strategy—we dismiss this recommendation whenever it pops up. There isn’t a penalty for dismissal, and we still get the credit for our optimization score.

Think of Google recommendations as something to consider. It’s ok if you don’t follow through with them, but you at least have to look at them and decide if they are right for you.

Another one of the common Google recommendations we see in our campaigns is a request for an increase in budget. Since all of our managed accounts have a fixed budget, we also ignore this option—we don’t have more to spend!

Two of the Google recommendations we always investigate are the ones that deal with keywords. Removing redundant keywords helps make account management more straightforward, and adding recommended keywords provides opportunities for new customer acquisition—as long as the keywords are relevant!

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Google Ads management with Algorithmic Global

Google recommendations are Google’s way of ensuring that you’re getting the best Google ads experience possible. Google constantly reviews your account and provides feedback on getting better results from Google Ads, but it is up to you what changes will be implemented.

It may seem like a lot of work at first glance, but these minor improvements could make all the difference in your marketing strategy!

We hope this blog post was helpful as we continue providing tips for successful digital marketing campaigns. If there’s anything else we should know or any questions whatsoever, please reach out anytime via our contact page—one of our team members would love to talk about how we can work together!


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