3 Ways a Growth Mindset Leads to Fantastic Results

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Creating requires a growth mindset

Keeping a growth mindset will help you grow as a person and grow as a creator.

Results. They’re what everyone’s after. Whether it’s clicks or sales, a growth mindset can help get the results you are looking for by clearing space for the path forward to present itself.

Frequently, people get caught in an echo chamber. They listen to people who think like they do, finding information that confirms what they already believe. When you hear something that seems to fly in the face of what you believe, are you quick to throw this information out, or do you take a second to understand how the person might have come to their conclusion?

It might not seem like this has anything to do with a growth mindset, but keep reading to find out more.

What is a growth mindset?

Cultivate a growth mindset
Like plants, a growth mindset must be cultivated.

Before we get going, let’s clear up some definitions. A mindset is a set of assumptions or beliefs. Growth and fixed mindset are the two ends of a continuum about the origin of ability. A growth mindset is a belief that anyone can learn or achieve something with investments in time, either hard work or study.

If you want to create, it’s essential to cultivate a growth mindset. Creating can be anything from creating content to creating business; both require a belief that the rewards for your efforts will arrive in time.

But, if you are stuck in believing you are the way you are, stuck in your lane, you will be stuck doing business and creating content the way you were before. When this occurs, you are relying on luck to pull you into the promised land.

Opportunity comes to those who prepare, but only if they don’t let the chance pass them by because they are too busy stuck in their ways!

How a growth mindset can help

  1. A growth mindset allows you to find solutions anywhere.
    When you believe that you can grow as a person, that all experiences can lead to growth, then answers to questions in your business can come from unexpected places. A short example would be dealing with a rude person while shopping at the grocery store, which could help prepare you to be better with customer service.
  2. You’ll acquire hope for the future.
    If you have a fixed mindset, there’s no hope of getting better. You’re stuck with what you have, and no amount of hard work or study will change that. It might seem a bit of a reach to compare getting better as a human being to getting better in the creation of your content or business, but the lessons are the same. There’s hope if you’re willing to show up and put in the work.
  3. Everything becomes less personal than before.
    What you do, both in life and business, are steps towards the goal. It’s all progress. There’s no reason to get indignant when you hear a dissenting opinion, something that flies in the face of what you believe. If anything, ask yourself why they believe in this message in the first place. Is it wrong? Or does it just fly in the face of your beliefs, causing you to have a knee jerk reaction in opposition? A growth mindset takes the edge off of what could be perceived as an attack.

What do you do with new information?

digital marketing should be part of a marketing strategy in 2020
Some people still don’t believe in digital marketing.

The true mark of a growth mindset is how quickly you can accept new information, even if it flies in the face of what you currently believe.

For example, I have a good personal friend who doesn’t believe in digital marketing. Can you believe that? Think about it again. A good friend of someone who does digital marketing as a profession DOESN’T BELIEVE IN DIGITAL MARKETING!

There have been many conversations about how digital advertising would work with his business, but since word-of-mouth grew the business, they have no desire to explore other options. Don’t get me wrong; the intention of this post wasn’t to complain about my friend. It just goes to show how ingrained a fixed mindset can become. 

Moving forward

What happens if you find yourself presented with new information that would take too long to implement? Maybe, if you knew the suggestions beforehand, you would have taken a different approach. Is it too late?

Whenever we encounter these scenarios, two questions always help.

  1. If you knew this information before, would you change your strategy?
  2. Identifying this information, how long will it be before you decide to change?

If the answer to question #2 is that you will never change your approach, then no action is necessary. This approach could be correct but examine your reasons for the reluctance. Is it truly not possible? 

If the answer to question #2 is yes, spin time forward and bring the future to you. The faster you make a change that you would happen in the future, the longer you’ll have to reap the rewards after implementation.

This mindset talk might sound a bit “out there,” but remember, so does digital marketing to my friend. Don’t be afraid to make changes in light of new information. You’ll be surprised at how freeing it is to know that what you did was best then and that you’re doing the best you can now.

If you have any questions about how digital marketing can help your business, head over to our contact page and fill out the form. We’d love to hear from you!


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