3 Great Online Sites For New Home Builder Leads

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Use these service aggregators to maximize the generation of new home builder leads!

Surprisingly, some contractors still don’t leverage the internet to get more home builder leads. 

Let Algorithmic Global be the first to tell you: there is no need to only rely on “word-of-mouth” referrals to grow a business in the digital age!

A simple word of mouth strategy won’t cut it if you are looking to grow your business. Taking a more “aggressive” approach is essential. To a digital marketer, aggressive means consistently bringing in new home builder leads from an online presence so that professionals spend more time bidding on jobs and closing more contracts. 

Before we get started dishing out the best websites to get more home builder leads, understand that the lead generation strategies take time. Using the three websites outlined below will help, but some preparatory steps are needed before dialing into them for new home builder leads. 

For starters, invest in quality photos. 

Scratch that, for starters, understand your target demographic–then invest in quality photos. The more you know your target demographic, the more you will know where they spend their time online.

Social media

Social media Icons

The Algorithmic Global team has seen many home builders consistently share pictures on three big social media platforms:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Linkedin

The top new home builders understand that their work is being viewed by potential clients searching for new home builders for their homes–there is no easier way than looking at pictures on social media. The high-quality images you share will hopefully get new potential customers interested in your services.

Leverage your website with past work

New home builder leads are missed if professionals aren’t using their websites to their advantage. A home builder must include an up to date image gallery on their website. Potential clients are looking for evidence of your top projects.

The following three websites for generating home builder leads offer another advantage– they will be backlinking back to your website. Remember that you may have a high bounce (clients quickly leaving your site) if your website lacks quality. 

Put another way, you will need a quality, designed, and optimized website to bring in new home builder leads.  

The top 3 sites that bring in new home builder leads

Angi leads –Angi.com

Home builder leads from Angie's List

Started in 1995, Angi is one of the oldest service provider directories. In the startup phase, Founder Angie Hicks went door to door to sign up consumers in Columbus, Ohio.

Later, Angi was expanded and now includes contractors, home repair and general maintenance, automotive service, and healthcare providers.

Company listings on Angi are free. The only downside is that you will have to pay for increased listing visibility and associated home builder leads.

The benefit is that more of your company info is visible to potential clients. Keep in mind that the per click ad rate is market-driven and can change at any time. Even so, using Angi to bring in new home builder leads will be very beneficial to add to your marketing strategy. 

Home Advisor leads – homeadvisor.com

Home builder leads from HomeAdvisor

Home Advisor was established under the name ServiceMagic in 1998. When you choose to get new home builder leads from Home Advisor, be aware that there will be an annual fee of $350. Also, you’ll be paying per lead–the cost per lead depends on the market.

The most significant benefit of Home Advisor is that they have done an excellent job on branding. Homeowners know about Home Advisor because of their tactical use of digital marketing and TV advertisements. 

Also, Home Advisor is continuously putting money into Google PPC and SEO. They are usually always at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) when a customer is looking to get construction services to their home. 

As a new home builder, you will benefit from setting your project budget for leads that you want to receive. The number of leads you receive will depend on how much you put into the Home Advisor Platform.

The Blue Book Leads – thebluebook.com

Home builder leads from The Blue Book

Just like Angi, you can join Blue Book for free. The best part of Blue Book is that it is a national registry for the construction industry. 

New home builders showcase their business and are easily located by potential customers and industry professionals. Your profile will be limited within the free version, but you can still get new home builder leads from possible customers and contractors.  

The blue book is excellent for subcontractors because of the bidding portal that general contractors use.

As digital marketers who specialize in digital marketing for construction and restoration businesses, we also have a profile in Blue Book. We have even gone to a Blue Book trade show in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Concluding thoughts 

From an SEO standpoint, it is good to add the listings for these three sites even if you don’t plan on paying for visibility that brings in new home builder leads. You are receiving a backlink to your site every time you fill out a listing. These sites also serve as citations, so Google knows where your company does business.

There are many home builders throughout the country. Although these three lead generating sites are great for bringing in new home builder leads, we think laying the groundwork on your website and social media are essential initial steps in the pursuit of new home builder leads. 

Think of your website as the backbone of your brand. When built correctly, it will bring in new home builder leads. When you choose to partner up with an SEO and PPC agency like Algorithmic Global, your home building company will effectively be in front of your target market. Contact the Algorithmic Global team today for any google ads questions and powerful marketing strategies that have continued to provide lead generation since 2017.

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