How to Get Customers to Talk About Your Business

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

We live in an era where businesses are looking to generate new customers as well as keep the reoccurring ones. Think about this for a real quick second, would you rather have a one repeat customer that never tells anyone about your services or a customer that becomes a fan and tells everyone while giving you repeat work.

I think the answer is obvious, you want the client that is going to give you repeat work and talk about your business.

But, how can this be done?

There are two ways that we can look at getting customers to talk about your services, online and offline talk.

The online talk includes:

(Social media, Email, Tagging Customers, Reviews/Ratings)

The offline talk includes:

(Customer surveys, Comment Cards, Call Center logs, Sales Team)

Understanding what your customers are happy with is what will keep them coming back. Customers like to feel appreciated and not as just another “customer.”

The hardest part for a business to focus on customer talk is that it takes a lot of patience and is hard to determine the ROI. At the end of the day it might be hard to determine but keep in mind that your clients will be happier and your goal will be to get them to talk about your business.

Happy Customers = Happy Business