How To Use Your Google Ads Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

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Google Ads Ad Preview Tool

In this post, we’ll dive into how to use the Google Ads Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool.

What is the Google Ads Ad Preview & Diagnostics Tool?

The Google Ads Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool is a tool designed by Google that allows its users to help identify why their ad or ad extension might not be appearing on the search network. 

The Google Ads Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool show a Google search result page preview for a specific keyword.

Users can check their ad’s status and see if their ads show to searchers in their targeted locations. Most advertisers primarily use the tool to troubleshoot issues with their ads without having to create impressions or increase ad spend by searching on your account’s keywords and clicking on the results to diagnose the potential problems within their campaigns.

How To Use the Google Ad Preview Tool

To access the Google Ad Preview Tool:

Step 1: Log into the desired Google Ad Account 

Step 2: Under the Planning Tab, click “Ad Preview and Diagnosis.”

How To Access Google Ads Ad Preview Tool

The AdWords ad preview tool is pretty straightforward to use; we have provided a simple guide to get you started.

Step #1: Enter a search term (Note: you can’t just type in any search term, the keywords you enter must be the current keywords that you are running or bidding on)

Step #2: Enter the location you are currently targeting ( It MUST be a location you are targeting, or else you won’t see any of your ads) 

Step #3: Enter the device you want to check your ads on (Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet)

Example of Google Ads Ad Preview Tool

As you can see, you get an immediate indication of whether your ad shows in a specific location for a keyword. If your ads are not showing in the Google Ads Ad Preview Tool, fear not, we have listed some solutions to the performance and non-performance issues that can cause your Google Ads not to show.

Insights users can learn from the Google Ad Preview Tool:

  • The competitors who are competing for the same keyword and their current ad position
  • The ad placement (the ad position and if it is above the fold)
  • Whether the ad copy from the description lines are showing on one line or two
  • See which ads are showing for a particular audience 


If you want to see how your ad performs on the Google search results network, it’s better to use the Google Ads Ad Preview tool than to search on Google. You’ll observe the same results as a Google search, but it won’t affect your performance stats by aggregating ad impressions every time you search for your ad.


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