The Importance of Authenticity: Helpful Answers to 4 Common Questions

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Remember the importance of authenticity

The importance of authenticity is on full display when engaging with potential customers.

Ask anybody in sales about the key to turning prospects into clients, and you know what they’ll tell you? People don’t buy the product or service; they buy the person selling it to them. The key is the connection. By taking a look at the relationship between two people, we see the importance of authenticity

It’s about being genuine, connecting on a deeper level than memorized catchphrases and numbers. It’s what the great salespeople do, and they use the charts and graphs to support their position instead of making that the focus of their pitch.

Authenticity is the goal for any business, from top to bottom. Leadership should know the importance of authenticity with employees. Employees should know about treating clients and customers as humans.

Stop shoulding yourself!

I’m not sure who first advised, “Stop shoulding yourself!” but I first came across the phrase in a Halo Top commercial.

The moral of the story: don’t fall prey to false narratives! It’s is the biggest challenge to authenticity. There’s a preconceived notion about how someone should talk/act/behave/think. This mindset gets in the way of creating a real, human connection. 

The importance of authenticity especially shows up during content generation. If it feels manufactured, then it’s not an authentic representation of your values or culture. Take a look further up the chain and figure out where the disconnect is between customer-facing and behind-closed-doors interactions.

Why should I be authentic?

There are three key reasons to be authentic.

  1. Authenticity creates connection. Nowhere is this more obvious than in social media. Think about the best posts you’ve seen. What stood out? Nine times out of ten it’s because of the humanity behind the post that got your attention. Social media is a prime example of the importance of authenticity.
  2. You’ll be able to learn from customers. People don’t want to share their concerns with faceless corporations. They want to feel like they are heard. Can you see how human connection comes into play, and why authenticity is a crucial facet to business? To see the true feelings of customers, you have to open up first.
  3. Level up your business. There are a lot of quality products and services floating around the world. A LOT. Being authentic can give your business the edge and help set you apart from the rest. Customer service is a significant selling point. Highlight the importance of authenticity at all levels of your business and watch customer satisfaction skyrocket.
Authenticity in business leads to better client connections
Authenticity creates connection.

Is brand authenticity important?

The importance of authenticity within a brand is key to differentiating from the competition. The reason? Everyone is on the same page.

With a consistent brand image, clients and employees know what to expect. Nobody goes into an investment bank looking for a comedian. Likewise, nobody’s walking into a surf shop expecting silence. This kind of consistency makes it easy for employees to focus on customers instead of worrying about going against the company culture.

Does corporate authenticity matter?

Corporate authenticity should be the goal set by leaders
Corporate authenticity leads to quality company culture.

YES! Within a corporation, authenticity is crucial to creating a thriving, sustainable company culture. The relationship between leadership and employees needs to be open, honest, and real. The best way to do this is to communicate the importance of authenticity to all corporate structure levels.

Some other reason corporate authenticity matters:

  • Highlights your reputation
  • Creates accountability
  • Fosters integrity
  • Allows employees to be responsive
  • Gives space to be proactive instead of reactive with clients

Where else does authenticity show up?

The most obvious example of social proof is in the almighty review. Whether it’s on Amazon, Google, or Yelp!, the importance of authenticity can’t be overstated.

Reviews are an organic measure of someone’s authentic experience. Sent from behind a screen, they can be honest and open about any interaction they had. Other potential customers can see these authentic markers of quality and decide whether you’re worth their business.

It’s essential to encourage real, authentic reviews on all the major sites. Creating an environment that focuses on the importance of authenticity will create space for the quality of customer service that generates these 5-star reviews!

Live your truth.

One last bit about the importance of authenticity: social scientists are researching the topic when it comes to the social media strategy of professional sports teams. I link this article to bring up one final point: Authenticity isn’t going away. The sooner you focus on integrating authenticity into your business, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits from improved customer interactions.

Include authenticity in your brand, your corporate identity, and among your customers, and watch the power of real human connection. If you have any questions about how Algorithmic Global has stressed the importance of authenticity, reach out via our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

And remember: stop shoulding yourself.


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