Knowing Your Audience

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Posted by Lukas Hernandez

Every business has a different brand and identity. The job of a Marketing consultant is to understand what is going to make people “talk” about a business’s brand. The first step in building a marketing strategy is to know who the custom marketing plan is for.

Here are the top five things to pay attention to when creating a marketing strategy:

1) Knowing the Audience Lifestyles

Lifestyle is a very broad term that may encompass everything a user does in daily routine. It’s the way we live. Often, our lifestyle is composed of our choices.

2) Knowing Audience Values

Values are a big one. It is what’s important to us, what we hold close to our heart and mind, what we believe in and would not let go. Our values derive our behaviors and actions.

3) Knowing Audience Familiarity

Since ancient times, we have expressed a need to find patterns and trends in the world around us. A lot of this is for our survival. For example, we would prefer to take the same route to work every day and back home, because it’s ‘familiar’. Our brain doesn’t have to put additional energy into figuring out a new route back home and thus that energy can be utilized on other tasks such as thinking about work, family, and friends while driving.

Knowing Audience Emotions

Human emotions play an instrumental role in engagement. A lot can be said and discussed it. Briefly, it is safe to say that emotions drive actions. This has implications for how we create and share content.

Knowing Audience Emotional Arousal

Emotional arousal is when we see a content which makes us angry or happy, we get aroused and think about doing something about it. We feel fired-up or activated. One of the things we do is respond. That happens in many ways such as dislike the post, comment on it, delete the post, block the poster or share it. By responding, we feel a sense of relief.


Content creation and understanding the target customer is how quality marketing strategies are built. Remember that every business is different and a marketing strategy needs to be specifically customized to represent the business in its best light.


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