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Rank Math Pro Plugin Review

One digital marketing agency’s review for a plugin every website should have: Rank Math PRO

Rank Math is an SEO plugin that was first released on November 19, 2018. The Rank Math Plugin has been entirely free for the last two years, but on November 9, 2020, the Rank Math plugin launched its PRO version. 

This blog post will discuss the new Rankmath plugin PRO features and provide an honest Rank Math PRO review.

Algorithmic Global digital marketing projectRank Math PRO Cost 

Currently, the Rank Math Pro Plugin offers two different price points; individuals and solopreneurs can purchase rank math pro for $59. With this plan, users can track up to one thousand keywords and install them on unlimited personal websites.

Agencies, freelancers, and business owners can purchase the Business PRO version for $199 per year. With this plan, users can install the Rank Math plugin on unlimited client websites, track up to ten thousand keywords, and get 24/7 priority support. 

The main difference between the two different plans is that the business plan allows for installing client websites and ten times the amount of trackable keywords. Keep in mind, the ten thousand keyword quota is per plan and not per site.

Now that we have gone over the Rank Math Pro Plugin pricing let’s look at the new pro-level features. 

  1. Rank Math PRO Dashboard

The Rankmath pro and free version look similar–both dashboards are well-designed and user-friendly. 

The PRO version’s best feature is that it integrates directly with Google Analytics and Google search console. The integration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console has enhanced the workflow because it is a single place to view all of a website’s ranking and search engine optimization statistics. 

Another plus for the PRO version is that its data interface has a cleaner design than Google Search Console.

  1. Rank Math PRO Schema

The new enhanced schema generator is a game-changer when implementing schema markup on a web page. One of the coolest features Rankmath has for schema is the ease of automatically identifying and applying schema markups to pages, attachments, and blog posts globally. Although it will automatically add the schema markup, you can manually go into the page/post and change the schema markup. 

Manually changing product schema in Rank Math PRO has been helpful when working with E-Commerce clients. We can quickly add schema markup to product pages with reviews and videos with Rank Math Pro. 

The schema generator in Rankmath Pro has streamlined the workflow of Algorithmic Global’s SEO professionals; we no longer need to go into the back end of a client’s website to add schema markup.

  1. Rank Math PRO Sitemaps

A quick refresher: the purpose of a sitemap is for Google’s crawlers. It tells them the parts of a website that require indexing. Properly setting up a sitemap will allow Google’s crawlers to index the portion of the site that needs to be indexed efficiently. 

The Rankmath PRO Sitemap generator makes it easier for Google to index different types of content. Their sitemap generator now includes news and video sitemap. The News sitemap allows you to control which content you can submit to Google news. When a website’s content gets indexed as news in Google, it may enhance your website’s traffic by leveraging Google Discover and Google News.

For the website owners that are putting out a lot of video content, you can also set up a special video sitemap in Rank Math Pro, making it easier for Google to index a website’s video content. 

Just like in the free version of Rank Math, you will be able to set up the sitemap and take that concern off your plate.

Rank Math Pro Analytics Dashboard
Rank Math Pro Analytics Dashboard
  1. RankMath Pro Keyword Analytics

As mentioned earlier in this blog post–in the pricing section–agencies can track ten thousand keywords. Tracking ten thousand keywords is arguably the most significant enhancement to RankMath Pro. With this feature, we have tracked the ranking placements of our clients.

The RankMath Keyword tracker allows Algorithmic Global SEO professionals to enter keywords that they are trying to rank for and see how they are doing compared to the competition. Tracking keywords has been something that we have been doing in SEMRush for the last few years. We don’t plan on steering away from SEMRush, but the Rank Math PRO keyword tracker has made our life a bit easier when trying to rank new keywords.

Algorithmic Global digital marketing projectFinal thoughts

The Algorithmic Global team gives the Rank Math plugin a 5/5 Star review after working in the new Rank Rank Pro plugin for the last three weeks. As you can see, RankMath PRO is THE inclusive search engine optimization package. It includes keyword tracking, integration with Google Analytics, and all the other mentioned enhancements. 

RankMath Pro/Business is built for individuals and agencies who take SEO seriously. Due to all the Pro version enhancements over the free version, the Algorithmic Global team has upgraded all of our clients to the Rank math PRO version. 

We hope you enjoyed our review of Rank Math Pro. Please contact us if you need help implementing the Rank math PRO plugin on your website or have any SEO questions.


Claudia · July 1, 2021 at 8:35 pm

If I already use the free version of RankMath and the paid version of Ubersuggest, is it worth upgrading to the RankMath Pro?

    Algorithmic Global · July 16, 2021 at 4:54 pm

    We would recommend it. They are always coming out with updates to make implementing some technical SEO easier.

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