Roofing Marketing: Genuine Results With a 2-Pronged Attack

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roofing marketing

The best roofing marketing plans involve generating new clients via a roofing website and running roofing ads on Google.

A roofing company that experiences a high number of roof replacements each year faces a significant challenge: how to market its roofing services effectively and efficiently. Roofing marketing can be tricky, especially with the number of roofers in any given area in the United States.

There is a strategy that consistently works for roofing companies looking to stand out from the competition. The key is to have a two-pronged attack, using both your roofing website and pay-per-click ads on Google.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how roofers can increase their conversion rates and generate more revenue by focusing on roofing marketing with two different types of services: website SEO (search engine optimization) and paid ads.

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Why should contractors care about roofing marketing?

Every building you see has a roof, and each of them will need repairs or replacement at some point in the future. Since residential and commercial roofs are common, it’s no surprise there are dozens—if not hundreds—of options of roofing experts in any given area of the United States.

Getting lost in the crowd is easy, even if your roofing company has the best service, labor, and experience.

That’s where roofing marketing comes in. A deliberate strategy for more roofing leads at a lower cost involves putting your company’s name in front of the people looking for your services.

With how widespread smartphones and computers are, that means Google.

Algorithmic Global’s two-pronged method for roofing marketing helps roofing contractors generate leads and keeps them coming in so they can focus on what they do best: repair and replace roofs.

Roofing marketing with your website

You may have heard about search engine optimization (SEO). In a nutshell, this is the process of making the purpose of your website readily apparent to Google, who can then show your page to relevant searchers.

And since every single building has a roof, there are many searchers.

Every website—roofing websites included—needs speed. Nobody waits for loading web pages; in fact, most people push the back button in their browser and find another link when the website loads slowly. Google penalizes slow websites because they prioritize the customer experience.

Part of roofing SEO is also making sure Google knows everything on your page so the search engine can accurately decide who might benefit from your content. This process includes tagging all pictures, maintaining an organized site structure, and creating title tags that convey the content’s meaning.

Why is a roofing website important?

Roofing contractors should care about their website as part of their roofing marketing strategy because websites are available 24/7—the cost of hiring a comparable sales team makes maintaining a quality website seem like the obvious choice.

Additionally, no matter how well-trained a sales team is, no one can approach Google in how they show relevant content to searchers looking for roofing services.

A high-quality, high-ranking roofing website can also show up on the Google map pack, the area on the search results page that shows up with the Google map. So the area’s top companies show up in this prime digital real estate, and appearing in this coveted location generates leads in your area. It’s roofing marketing gold.

A well-designed, optimized website is the only way roofing companies get into the Google map pack.

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Roofing marketing with pay-per-click

An optimized roofing website shows up at the top of organic search results without any extra boost and can show up in the Google map pack.

But there are slots on the search results page above organic search results. They just cost money.

These are Google’s pay-per-click ads. In essence, a roofing company decides which words they want to show up for and when searchers enter in those keywords, or related phrases, the roofing company’s ad shows up. There’s no cost for impressions, only clicks.

The best thing about using paid ads is that you get control over who sees your website instead of trusting Google’s algorithm during searches. In addition, for roofing companies new to digital advertising, paid ads are a great source of initial traffic before the full spectrum of roofing marketing efforts bears fruit.

Combining the website and pay-per-click

Take notice of the last section about paying per click during a roofing marketing plan. Where does the click take the prospective customer?

To the website!

When the website is content-rich, engaging, and well-organized, searchers who find your company through paid ads get a heaping dose of information about your services.

Anyone looking for a new roof can discover how you handle roof replacements. Someone with a hole in their roof can read about your roof repair process.

And, Google takes signals from the pages of your website that your paid ads send traffic to and determines how relevant the page is to their query. When your website aligns with the message of your ads, your ad ranks higher, and you can earn a lower cost-per-click.

Roofing marketing boils down to having a roofing website and paid roofing ads generating leads on Google by working together!

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Roofing marketing with Algorithmic Global.

Algorithmic Global uses roofing marketing tactics to position your roofing company as the solution for roof replacement, roof repair, and other related services. We want every potential customer in your local area who is searching on Google to find you.

We do this using search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads, the one-two punch of roofing marketing.

If you are a roofing contractor, restoration professional, or general contractor interested in digital marketing, give us a call or reach out via our contact page. We have helped dozens of clients generate more leads and can develop a customized strategy for your business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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