Seasonal Marketing: An Easy 2-Pronged Approach For Success!

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Taking advantage of different times of the year with seasonal marketing comes down to specific content creation and increasing website traffic!

The holiday season is a time of giving, sharing, and joy. It’s also the most profitable time for many businesses eager to capitalize on seasonal marketing opportunities. By taking advantage of seasonal trends and holidays, companies can brand themselves as reliable partners and connect with customers.

One of the most common seasonal marketing strategies is creating urgency among consumers by offering special deals or limited-time offers during specific periods. For example, many companies take advantage of the “need” to buy gifts for loved ones and offer special Black Friday deals to attract more customers.

Service companies can implement seasonal marketing principles and tailor their advertising for the different times of the year. For example, a pool company can increase their advertising spend for pool cleaning services at the end of spring.

If you are looking to increase your business, seasonal marketing is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers. However, these strategies don’t have to be limited to the holidays—you can apply these strategies all year long! This blog post will provide an overview of tactics that are sure to help your business grow.

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What is seasonal marketing, and how is it good for business?

Seasonal marketing is a strategy that helps businesses capture the attention of potential customers during specific periods, such as seasonal trends and holidays.

You can find many seasonal marketing strategies in retail stores and other places where products are available to buy. These strategies produce reliable spikes in traffic at predetermined points of the year, often through sales or promotions.

While selling products at a sale price doesn’t seem great for business at first glance, customers often return to the same company whenever they need similar products or services—regardless of whether or not there’s an ongoing sale!

Seasonal marketing isn’t just for retailers. By running promotions at specific times of the year, any company can benefit from broadening its customer base. For example, we work with water damage restoration companies. A recent approach that takes the hurricane season into account has paid off for one of our clients running Google ads near the Gulf coast!

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Laying the groundwork for seasonal marketing

Preparation is critical for businesses looking to capitalize on seasonal opportunities. Companies can create seasonal marketing campaigns that align with their products or services by researching and planning ahead of time. This type of preparation usually involves identifying seasonal trends and brainstorming ideas for promotions or sales that would work well during that time of year.

The first step in seasonal marketing is to identify seasonal trends. Take a look at a calendar and determine what times of the year your different product or service is in highest demand.

After you have identified the times of the year when seasonal marketing might be most effective, it’s time to lay some groundwork for your seasonal campaigns. Think about what promotions, sales, and content resonate with your potential customers. Then, map out your marketing strategy for your season using the two-pronged approach outlined below.

The 2-pronged approach to seasonal marketing

There are two main ways to approach seasonal marketing: specific content creation and paid advertising manipulation.

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Specific content creation

Holiday content comes out in force after Thanksgiving. The holiday gift guides are content that inspires customers and makes their shopping for loved ones easier.

Back to our example of the water damage restoration company: a great content creation strategy could focus on considerations for the upcoming hurricane season.

Or, a roofer could talk about the dangers of ice buildup from clogged gutters in the winter.

Paid advertising

The second strategy that leads to successful seasonal marketing is paid ad manipulation. Increasing the advertising budget for specific services or products at different times of the year helps businesses capitalize on the flow of new searches on Google.

Additionally, spending more at different times of the year can help a company take advantage of increased demand. Back to our water damage restoration company on the Gulf coast: increasing the ad budget for Google ads in the hurricane season leads to more converted leads and a busy calendar!

Seasonal marketing with Algorithmic Global

Seasonal marketing is an excellent strategy for any company to take advantage of seasonal trends and increased demand. Seasonal marketers do this by creating specific content that speaks to the seasonal trends, such as holiday gift guides or hurricane season prep tips. The other primary approach involves increasing your ad budget when seasonal demand peaks.

Seasonal marketing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, so what are you waiting for? Reach out to us via our contact page and get started with these strategies today!


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