The Importance Of Having An Effective CTA

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What Is A CTA?

A call to action also referred to as a CTA, is a digital marketing strategy to get website visitors to take action. For instance, purchasing a product or subscribing to your blog. A CTA is a brief piece of content that guides an online audience to click a link. When they do, they arrive at a landing page where they can learn more about the brand and make a purchase. 

How To Use A Call To Action

Companies can utilize a call to action for the following purposes:

  • Build Brand Awareness: A strong call to action can direct people to a companies website, which helps build brand awareness.
  • Increase Sales: A CTA is part of the sales funnel—a digital marketing strategy that begins with creating awareness and interest in a company and eventually leading to a sale. Effective CTAs have a high conversion rate—the number of unique visitors that do what a CTA asks.
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Example of a marketing sales funnel

  • Generate Leads: Companies can use CTAs to identify their target audience to generate leads. A lead is an individual or organization that has an interest in what you are selling. The goal is to capture as many leads as they are more likely to make a sale. A company can create an email list or remarketing strategy to continue to market to their audience effectively, in efforts of turning the leads to customers.
  • Create A Great User Experience: A CTA makes it easy for someone to get to your website. With the click of a link, a customer can easily find what they want, where they can easily make a purchase.

Where to Include a Call to Action

In your marketing campaigns, you can use CTAs across websites that your target audience visits. These can include:

  • Your website: When people visit your site, make sure there are CTAs in different sections like your homepage, giving people enough opportunities to click through and make a purchase. Include CTAs in blog posts that you write for your company. If you don’t have one, start blogging to drive more traffic to your site.
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Example of CTA on a website
  • Social media: Place sponsored ads on social media, like Facebook, which has a “Learn more” button for companies to include with their CTAs.
Image result for facebook cta button options
Facebook CTA Samples
  • Google AdWords: Buy ads on Google that show up when people search for your type of product or service. Make sure to include ad extensions, as Google will have a click-to-call button on mobile advertisements so a customer can tap the link to call, making it easier for them to reach you.
Algorithmic Global digital marketing project
Google CTA Example

The best call to action is one that is concise, engaging, and gets the audience to click over to your website. Look out for our next post as we provide a few tips in creating an enticing call to action.

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