The Value of Traveling for Quality Services

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

Each year approximately 627,000 businesses open and 595,000 businesses close, according to the Small Business Administration. Those numbers almost even out, though they leave most business owners wondering where they might stand in the future. The big question is, what makes a business carry on?

Algorithmic Global investigates the most efficient dynamics of business building by using our own business as the guinea pig for growth statistics. Just recently we widened the distance of impact for us, starting with a trip to Dayton, Ohio on August 15th. Why Dayton? We had already been working with a big restoration franchise in our local area, Washington, D.C, and had connected with another franchise of a similar size in Dayton. Although we do live in a time, especially in the digital marketing industry, where services can be provided from miles away, it was the concept of making it a personal business that encouraged our first trip. Lukas Hernandez, Founder of Algorithmic Global, drove there to meet with the owner of the franchise in person and layout what services we could best provide based on their pre-existing digital marketing avenues. In that meeting, not only did we successfully get our client to hire us, we had already established what goals we had and what steps we would take immediately.

Within two months of the agreement we had provided them with 33 SEO blog posts in order to drastically pull them up to corporate’s standards of their franchises’ websites, on top of incorporating them into Google’s search algorithm. We also were able to throw together a brand new introductory video, showcasing their most recent jobs, in just one day. And on November 3rd, Algorithmic Global was back on its way to Dayton, this time with other goals in mind.

Lukas Hernandez brought with him two new assets specializing in different areas of digital marketing to assist the client in an even larger potential growth scale. Sadie Lulei, Content Director of Algorithmic Global, stayed behind the camera throughout the entire meeting and tour of the site, as well as driving out to current jobs for content as well. Kate Castel, Digital Advertising Strategist for Algorithmic Global, was able to present her data from Google AdWords to the owner. Algorithmic Global was surprised to hear that the previous digital marketing team did not allow the owner to see the data on their Google AdWords. Why? Because some digital marketing teams look for profit in leaving the client in the dark. If their client doesn’t know that a specific keyword for their industry is worth $5/click, the digital marketing company can easily charge upwards of $80/click. Algorithmic Global is against this type of manipulative marketing.

The early November trip to Dayton, Ohio, provided content for social media, like Instagram, FaceBook, and Youtube, and for future SEO blog posts. It also gave the client a perspective of a core value of Algorithmic Global, authenticity. For us, traveling is vital to a personal connection with clients. Being transparent in our product is the number on priority. You deserve your data, and we’ll fly out to show you in person what we’ve done to help your business grow.


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