Terrific Ad Copy With 3 Foolproof Tips – Use Them Today!

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Ad Copy

Mastering your ad copy is a powerful tool for getting clicks on your ads.

There are books, speeches, articles, and entire classes about grabbing attention and persuading your audience using the power of words. For a good reason—ad copy can differentiate a lackluster campaign from a great one.

It all comes down to the power particular words have on people—specifically, the kinds of words that inspire action.

This article will go over why a focus on ad copy is necessary, outline a few tips that will help you write your ads, and give you the tools to optimize your copy over the long haul.

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Pay-per-click’s dusty corner

A quick Google search for tips about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising turns up countless articles about bidding strategies, campaign structures, and other best practices. 

And, whether the article focuses on Amazon, Facebook, or Google, the recommendations about ad copy are generally the same, if mentioned at all: things like grabbing your reader’s attention and speaking to your audience.

Whenever an advertising campaign isn’t performing well, people look to the audiences targeted, the bid amount, or the ads’ times. In short, numbers.

Why? Because they’re assuming their ad copy is good enough. 

But we’re not interested in “good enough.” We need a tool for developing great. And that’s where these tips come in.

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3 Ad Copy Tips

There are two times when looking at your ad’s copy is appropriate.

  1. When you’re building the ad
  2. When you’re optimizing your ad

Smart PPC managers realize those encompass the entirety of your ad’s life. So, put another way: your ad copy should always be on your radar.

When you’re writing your ad copy, use these three tips:

  1. Use numbers
  2. Ask reflective questions
  3. Highlight features or benefits

Let’s go over each of these and provide examples.

Use numbers

Numbers are everywhere. Everyone’s become accustomed to seeing reviews on Amazon, and social proof with statements such as “X units sold” and “over X satisfied customers!”

There’s a reason: numbers work. Get comfortable with the idea of using numbers in your ad copy.

A few easy examples: 5-star Plumbing Company, #1 Tree Removal Service, Available 24/7.

These are all powerful shorthand, showing customers your quality.

Ask reflective questions

The perfect Google ad experience would go something like this: a searcher types what they want into the search bar. Then, as if by magic, a company has an ad saying “Looking for X?”—precisely what was in the user’s search!

These are called reflective questions and are the second excellent ad copy tip. While they can seem creepy to some, reflective questions work because they highlight the exact problem the searcher needs solving.

Some examples include: Looking for new shoes? Interested in a bathroom remodel? Tired of your old kitchen?

Highlight features or benefits

The last ad copy tip requires you to highlight what it is about your company that stands out. Then, this becomes part of the ad copy, signaling to searchers that your company not only provides the service or product they’re looking for but also how you go above and beyond.

This ad copy tip gives you the needed ammunition for getting the click over your competitors.

For example, let’s say someone’s searching for a new grill. There are multiple people offering grills, but by highlighting your available in-store pick-up options in your ad, there’s a chance the searcher clicks on it—provided they need or want the grill ASAP.

Your ad copy could also highlight the technology you use when performing your service, highlight a guarantee, or inform the searcher about your fast response times. 

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Optimizing ad copy

Track the ad’s performance after you make changes to your ad copy. The best way to think about each new ad is that it’s a test—time to find out if it works.

There are numerous ways to talk about your product or service in an ad. When you use one of these tips, figure out if it resonates with searchers. If not, try something else.

What searchers respond to can change with the industry, geographical location, and even time of day. Test, test, and test some more, ensuring the best possible ad copy sticks around and removing underperforming variations.

When you think you’ve got a winner, go back to this list and see what other variations you can make—you never know what copy could help generate more attention for your ads!

Ad copy with Algorithmic Global

Using numbers, asking reflective questions, and highlighting features & benefits are an excellent start for optimizing your ad copy, whether on Amazon, Facebook, or Google. Never take your existing ad copy for granted—give these tips a try and see if you can catch a few more of the clicks from searchers on the fence.

Then, monitor the ads, creating a scenario where the strongest rises to the top. Experimenting over long periods generates the best results.

Are you interested in getting help with your ad copy? The team at Algorithmic Global can help! Give us a call or reach out to us via our contact page, and our experienced team will follow up with you and find out how we can work together on your digital marketing!


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