Understanding Google Ads Quality Score

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In our last two posts, we covered the Google account level structure and the importance of implementing ad extensions in efforts to increase ad rank. If you missed those posts, here are the links:

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What Is The Google Ads Quality Score?

The Google Ads Quality Score measures the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower cost per clicks and better ad positions. 

To view your Quality Score, add the Quality Score column to a keyword report.

  • The Quality Score is reported on a (1-10) scale and includes expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.
  • The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, the higher the Quality Scores.

Why Is Your Quality Score Important?

An improved Quality Score can lower your cost per click, and it can also increase your ad rank.

Understand The Quality Score Formula

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Quality Score = Landing Page Experience + Ad Relevance + CTR

How To Increase Your Quality Score

  1. Stay relevant to your audience
  2. Research keywords
  3. Write high-quality ads
  4. Work on those landing pages

Staying Relevant To Your Audience

Staying relevant to your audience starts with how you organize your ad groups. Its best practice to create an individual ad group for each product or service you want to advertise.

Research Keywords

As you build your AdWords account, make sure your keywords are always relevant to your business. Its best practice to focus on longer-tailed keywords to specifically target your market. Broad keywords can potentially capture a lot of traffic to your site, but you risk attracting those who are not entirely ready to take action, as the user is still in the research stage of the buying process.

Write High-quality Ads

 Include your keywords in the ad headline and at least one of the description lines. The key to optimizing an AdWords account is to remain consistent across all levels. As mentioned in our SEO post, staying consistent with your audience will help Google gather information about your ads, and will best match them to those searching for your product or service.

Work On Those On Landing Pages

Remember to constantly keep in mind that Google’s primary concern is relevancy. Therefore, to have excellent ad relevance, the ad’s content must match the landing page’s content. If your keyword is “tea,” don’t send customers on a page that has nothing to do with the drink.

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