What is SEO? How Does It Gain New Leads?

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I want you to think of digital sales like a fruit tree. Acquisitions that come from digital advertising is fruit at the top of the tree and SEO is the low hanging fruit.

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What does SEO stand for?




Who is SEO for?

SEO is for search engines like Google and Bing. The goal for SEO consultants is to write SEO copywriting for the client’s company so that they can outrank the competition on the first page of Google or Bing. Keep in mind that SEO also has to do with how images are labeled and how a website is labeled and will appear when searched.

What does a strong SEO website have?

An SEO website will have keywords that are valuable to the business. For instance, a restoration company needs to have the keyword (Mold Remediation in City) in it in order for the search engine Google to be able to know that the website is a Restoration company.

Does SEO need to be updated?

YES! SEO is a competition between like businesses on who can have the highest quality website and can offer the most value. The way to keep SEO updated is by posting a weekly blog that also shows up on the front page of the website, this will allow search engines to know that the website is active and is still in competition with similar websites.

Does Social Media play a part in SEO?

Yes! Search engines like Google want to see that your business listing and business content is all linking to the same website and has the same phone number and Address. It is also important that Yelp is also linked to the companies website.

Final conclusion:

SEO is like low hanging fruit because it has keywords and tags that make a business website more valuable to its customers. Hiring an SEO consultant will not only help you gain new leads but also know how well your business website is doing VS. the competition.

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