Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing (Part II: Non- Performance Issues)

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Why Is Your Google Ads Not Showing?

In our last post, we provided some solutions if your Google Ads are not showing up in the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.

However, we only covered the performance issues that can cause your Google Ads not to show in the search results page. The performance issues we included are the following, your ad group was not being focused enough, not optimizing your ad copy, and analyzing the relevancy of your landing pages. 

In this post, we will go over some non-performance issues that can cause your ads not to appear on the search results page. So let’s dive right in.

Reason #1 Your payment didn’t go through.

Google charges you when you reach your pre-set payment threshold if you decide to choose the Automatic payments setting in Google Ads. Your payment information links to your Google Ads account and must be valid and up-to-date because if Google can’t charge you, your ads will not show in the search results page. Just like any service, if you don’t keep up with your payments, it will be suspended.

Reason # 2 Your keyword bids are set too high or too low

Your Google Ads won’t show if your daily budget for your Google Ads campaign can’t cover a keyword bid that exceeds the budget of the campaign. On the other hand, your Google ads may not be showing because your keyword bids are too low. Your ad rank for a given auction depends on the quality score of the keyword you’re bidding on as well as the keyword bid amount itself. 

The example below shows that the keyword bid is too low set at $32.00, this is causing the ads not to display on the search results page. To fix this, we must adjust our bid to Google’s recommendation of $39.85. Note: To outbid your competitor, its best practice to set your bids $0.01 above the recommended value.

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Below keyword bid example

To ensure that our ads continue to show in the search results page, we need to keep a close eye on our bids and adjust accordingly. There are scripts you can also add to your account that can automatically adjust your keyword bid for you, we will definitely cover this in our future posts.

Reason #3 The keyword search volume is too low

Another reason why your ads are not showing is that the search volume is too low. If a keyword you’re targeting drives little to no search traffic every month, Google will label this as an inactive keyword. Keywords that have little to no search history on Google are not eligible to show ads until search traffic increases. 

Algorithmic Global digital marketing project
Low search volume example

Reason #4 Your ad has been paused, removed, or disapproved.

Another reason your Google ads aren’t showing is commonly due to the ads, ad group, or campaign being paused or removed. If your ads were paused, all you need to do is switch them from Paused to Enabled. If you accidentally removed or deleted your ads, ad group, or campaign, have no fear, you can still retrieve any deleted data from the Google Ads Editor tool. We advise that you download this tool as it can serve as your backup, especially during these minor accidents. 

Tip: make sure you don’t click on the “Get recent changes button” when retrieving the deleted data.

To check if you’ve accidentally paused or removed anything within your account, navigate to Change History. Here, you can see the changes that have been made to your account and filter by Status

If you’re still not seeing your Google ads appear in the search results page, you should check the status of your ads. Any ad that’s been disapproved is ineligible to show to users. To learn how you can fix your disapproved ads, check out Google’s ad policies.

Reason #5 Negative keywords are negating active keywords

Negative keywords enable you to keep your ads from matching to irrelevant search queries. You can add a negative keyword at the ad group or the campaign level. If your Google ads aren’t showing, it may be because you have negative keywords canceling out active keywords.

We hoped that we had covered all your frustrations. If your ads are still not showing in the search results page, feel free to leave a comment below, and we are more than happy to help you solve any problems.


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