Update: Ethos, Pathos, & Logos

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Posted by Sadie Lulei

In my previous blog post, I took a look at Ethos, Pathos, and Logos and related it to the roles Lukas, Kate, and I play in this company. In retrospect, I did acknowledge the strengths of each member of Algorithmic Global. However I did not think about what each member offers to others- that is, the community.

For example, in my previous post I said that Lukas was Logos, due to his business oriented nature. And yes, he is the perfect person to send to a meeting being that he is so well-versed in communication. But today I realized that communication isn’t about business. While he knows business better than either Kate or I, what he offers is the way he makes people feel. Therefore, Lukas actually represents Pathos.

Similarly, while Kate does have a strong moral standing and believes in hard work and efficiency, she is the brains behind the operation. Nearly all of our data is imported and exported through Kate, as she oversees the process of reporting to our clients. Therefore, with her ability to organize and satisfy our clients, I now see that Kate represents Logos.

And while I do appreciate the feelings that can be invoked by words and film, I realized that when Lukas and I plan the big picture of this company, I’m the one who grounds us in our values. While something may make more money for us, I’m the one who keeps us on track with adhering to predetermined values, that exist in spite of all else.

Looking at this now, I think these are accurate of the roles we play. It’s exciting to be able to start a thought a couple of days ago and re-analyze it today. I’m proud to admit I came up with an idea and changed my mind about it later. A flexible mind yields endless possibilities.


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