(Case Study) Half Million Dollar Contract Negotiated

Published by Algorithmic Global on

Posted by Lukas Hernandez

A little over a year ago we got referred to a client in need of helping secure a commercial cleaning contract. In the initial meetings, our new client told us that he was having issues communicating with management personnel at the property and that they are getting a new building doubling in size. For disclosure reasons I can’t say the name of the building.

To start the contract negotiation process we had to find out as much information we could about the buildings management and client. Unfortunately, there was not much information that we were able to obtain because our client felt that it was impossible to connect. Connecting with the client did not take as long as expected, we ended up going on a weekend trip to Ocean City Maryland where we put on a trade show.

Connecting with customers and clients is something that takes time and is not quick. The most important thing that we have to do when negotiating is to listen. Clients will tell you their problems and what issues they are having. The hard thing for many people is to actively listen and trust in that both parties are being completely transparent.

After a few months of weekly meetings with both my client and the property management, trust began to be built. When it came time to negotiate the final contract there was back and forth on terms and how work was going to be performed. In the end, the year-long building of trust and transparency showed after a simple email was sent asking for the contract to be signed.

Trust in business is not easily built. Algorithmic Global is built on gaining trust and treating our clients’ business like it is our own.