Valuable Air Duct Cleaning Leads Using 2 Terrific Platforms

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Air duct cleaning leads

Air duct cleaning leads are only a click away when you choose to run a Facebook and Google Ads campaign. 

The restoration marketing professionals at Algorithmic Global are ready to help find new leads for any restoration company that offers air duct cleaning. Some restoration companies struggle with getting air duct cleaning leads because all the standard options pin them into limited reach. 

We live in a saturated digital world where there are many different marketing platforms to choose from when getting new leads. Some lead generation tactics work better than others, depending on the industry and service type. This blog post will discuss two marketing strategies that will help generate more air duct cleaning leads for a restoration business!

How can restoration companies benefit from air duct cleaning leads?

Restoration company owners need to constantly evaluate their current lead generation strategy and resources to bring in new leads. One type of lead generation strategy worth considering is a focus on air duct cleaning leads. 

You may think we’re crazy for recommending starting with air duct cleaning leads, but let us explain before you come to any conclusions!

In a nutshell, getting more air duct cleaning leads to future lucrative projects. The more air duct cleaning leads a restoration company receives, the more chances to promote more lucrative services (fire/water/mold) for these properties in the future.

Customers love hiring restoration contractors that they can trust, and nothing will build trust like delivering quality air duct cleanings to customers. During and after an air duct cleaning, the relationship you foster will likely result in future restoration work like water damage leads—the most lucrative service a restoration company offers.

What are the two best platforms for air duct cleaning leads? 

At Algorithmic Global, we believe the two best digital marketing platforms for more air duct cleaning leads are Facebook and Google. These two platforms have proven to be the best in building brand awareness and promoting air duct cleaning services.  

Advertising air duct cleaning on Facebook 

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Facebook is a great marketing platform for generating air duct cleaning leads because of the greater control on the cost-per-click. Facebook is also a great way to build brand recognition. Similar to running Google ads, Facebook advertising allows the advertiser to run ads in specific service areas. 

One thing to remember when using Facebook ads is that there needs to be an element of urgency in your ad copy

For example, if you want someone who has never had their air ducts cleaned before, it would make sense to say, “get ready for winter with our safe, eco-friendly air duct cleaning process,” rather than just saying “air duct cleaners.” When people see something urgent or time-sensitive, they will likely click on the Facebook ad faster since they feel now may be the best time to get their air ducts cleaned! 

Utilizing Google ads for air duct cleaning leads

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Google is another powerful platform that brings in air duct cleaning leads. A restoration company will start generating an impressive amount of air duct cleaning leads with a well-thought-out Google advertising strategy and landing page. 

An optimized ad will be shown on the top of the Google search results page when a customer searches for air duct cleaning services in the targeted area your ad is running in. 

Depending on keyword selection, customers searching for an air duct cleaning professional may be in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel (looking for information). If this is the case, your sales team will play a significant role in turning these inquiries into clients!

Contact Algorithmic Global for more air duct cleaning leads. 

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Algorithmic Global has developed a proven algorithmic marketing approach that provides restoration companies with more leads. When you partner with our digital marketing agency, you will receive a team of professionals obsessed with water damage marketing and building franchise brands
Contact us today for more information—we are ready to help you develop a strategy for getting more air duct cleaning leads!


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